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 House Committee on Resources July 15, 2005

"Endangered Species Act needs an update"

Once again Congress is trying to do something about the Endangered Species Act, rightly called ``the most sacred of the environmental movement's sacred cows.'' All we can say is, ``Good luck,'' and the comment carries no sarcasm.

All reform efforts of the past 15 years have fallen victim to Washington head-butting. There's a good argument that the 1973 act actually is now hurting the protection of nature's most fragile creatures because some landowners ``shoot, shovel and shut up.'' That is, they kill any species of interest, bury the carcass and say nothing.

Many landowners would be proud to cooperate in preserving species, but the deck is stacked against them.

Full Boston Herald Editorial

"Silence sends two to jail in fire probe"

A judge jailed two San Diego environmental activists who refused to testify yesterday before a grand jury investigating a huge University City arson fire and a speech some 15 hours later by a convicted arsonist.

The grand jury is looking into an Aug. 1, 2003, fire that caused $50 million damage to the La Jolla Crossroads housing complex, and into whether a radical activist broke the law while describing a 1992 incident of arson.

The Earth Liberation Front, or ELF, an environmental group that authorities describe as extremist, took responsibility for the University City fire, leaving a banner saying, "If you build it, we will burn it."

Full Union Tribune Article

Chairman Pombo Statement
House/Senate Energy Conference

Yesterday, I sent a letter to Chairman Barton notifying him of my intention to offer an amendment to the conference

This amendment will require the Administration to complete a report to congress on the national security implications of growing Chinese consumption of energy made public by the recent CNOOC bid to purchase Unocal.

I hope the conferees will see the logic of this amendment in a national energy bill.

The attempt -- by a company owned 70% by the Communist Chinese Government - to purchase an American oil company - a "Strategic Asset" of the US - should serve as a modern day "Sputnik" call-to-arms for the Government to get serious about energy's importance to our economic and national security interests.

Full Statement


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