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NEWS RELEASE: Klamath County Republican Central Committee

March 11, 2011

The following resolution was unanimously passed by the Klamath County Republican Central Committee at its March 10, 2011 meeting:

“Moved that the Klamath County Republican Central Committee resolve to take on the charge and the focus, for the next two years, to rally all Republican Central Committees and all Tea Patriot groups and other appropriate groups in the Western United States to Reform the ESA, (the Endangered Species Act), so that farmers, ranchers, timber industry employees, fishing industry employees, mining employees and other employees can keep their jobs and make an acceptable living. And; so that economic growth, economic recovery and economic stability are given no less than equal status to non-human species.”

Klamath Republican Party leads the charge to reform the ESA

Never in our history, since the implementation of the ESA, has there been a more obvious need for a reform of the ESA. Earlier attempts have been made with no real success. The political climate across our nation is calling for this reform. Our local communities and our entire nation is being held hostage by the heavy handed, one-sided use of the ESA. There is a definite need for a watchdog advocate for our environment, but the ESA has become an out of control, rabid pit bull that needs to be contained. Our entire Nation is suffering from the effects of the ESA, from high fuel prices, loss of timber jobs, agriculture jobs, fishing jobs, mining jobs, development jobs and the list goes on and on.  No one is immune from the negative effects inflicted on our citizens by the unanticipated use of the ESA. Our local budget crisis is a direct result of ESA collateral damage.

Our community can be united in this quest. We can survive, with a true balanced approach.

Contact information: Jeff Woodwick 541-892-3714, Tom Mallams 541-533-2580, 541-892-2626, Frank Goodson 541-891-9232.

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