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Professional Eco-Activists Exposed: William Devall

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Date: June 27, 1999
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POCATELLO, ID (June 26, 1999) -- The nationally recognized radio talk show host,
Dr. Bill Wattenburg, exposed the eco-hypocrisy of the radical environmental
movement today on his San Francisco based KGO radio program.

While the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has waged a land war against many
long time residents and property owners in the King Range National Conservation
Area, the agency appears to have allowed its green friends to build an eco-resort on
the very lands it has prohibited such activities by the local ranchers and property

According to information on Wattenburg's website, the rules enforced by the BLM in
the King Range National Conservation Area (located in beautiful Humboldt County,
along the California coast) say there is to be no new development after 1970. One
long time property owner was denied permission to make repairs to her access road.
Another resident had his property condemned because he planned to build a new
cabin after the 1970 deadline. The BLM has made it clear -- there will be no new
development, no new dwellings, no roads, no modernization in the King Range area.

But fly over Black Sands Beach (part of the conservation area) today and you'll notice
a new home with several out- buildings. By checking the deeds you'll find that the
property is owned by William DeVall, Trustee of the Big Flat Conservation Trust.

William DeVall is the founder and head of the Foundation for Deep Ecology. He is a
former sociology professor at Humboldt State University and is a contact person for
Earth First! Date of the sale is March 5, 1990. Well after the 1970 deadline for new or
improved buildings.

Don Amador, the western regional representative for the Blue Ribbon Coalition,
states, "It is a refreshing change from the status quo for multiple-use interests who are
used to being ignored by the mainstream media to have someone of Mr.
Wattenburg's national prominence take a passionate interest in their plight. The
mistreatment of the local residents by the Arcata office of the BLM is a story that must
be told." 

"I'm sure the families whose have been impacted by the BLM and the green's
insatiable appetite for more land appreciate that someone in the national media cares
to tell their story," Amador concludes. 

A complete story on this topic was printed in The DeWeese Report, May 1999
http://www.rangemagazine.com/stories/fall99/strange_equality.htm   very good article




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