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 11/6/05   ALGEA Herfindahl

Dr. David Herfindahl from Siskiyou County Public Health sent a letter to the Klamath Fisheries Task force that said, "We are extremely disturbed…" by actions of State Water Resources Control Board of posting health advisories with no critical information, poor communication, and no local input.

Herfindahl states that they have not been told how this was tested because he knows of no EPA approved testing that does not also pick up other microcystins and nodularins. Siskiyou has not received requested copies of lab data containing the name or address of the lab, contact person, date of samples analyzed or other information. The county was denied a meeting or conference call with the Executive Director. The local health department was not provided opportunity to review and discuss the science being used by the Water Board. No reply has been offered as to why Lake Shastina , a drinking water source for Montague, was selected as a point of concern when other recreational areas were not.

Herfindahl says, "The data being used is being collected by a non-governmental agency that has not affiliation with the State or County. In addition, the firm, Aquatic Ecosystems, contracted with a tribe who has a publicly stated position and are active opponents of the Iron gate dam re-licensing. The public, as well as the health officer, is entitled to an explanation of why data from this non-governmental agency is being considered."




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