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Sent: 12/14/2005 
Subject: [ODFW-News] ODFW stocks Oregon Food Bank with salmon fillets
For Immediate Release Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2004 [this is the way it was spelled]
ODFW stocks Oregon Food Bank with salmon fillets
Clackamas, Oregon - A special holiday dinner with Oregon salmon as the centerpiece will be a reality for many people needing assistance from the Oregon Food Bank thanks to donations by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.
ODFW has donated the equivalent of 146,000 servings of salmon to the Oregon Food Bank this fall. The salmon is delivered as frozen fillets ready for cooking. 
The Oregon Food Bank will distribute the fillets to every county in Oregon through a statewide network of 20 regional food banks and hundreds of hunger-relief agencies. The relief agencies will give the fillets to people in need.
Since 2001, ODFW has donated 301,000 pounds of salmon to the Oregon Food Bank, which equates to about 1.2 million 4-ounce servings of fish. The donated chinook salmon, coho salmon and steelhead are hatchery-reared fish that have returned to Oregon's hatcheries from the ocean to complete their life cycle. In the past several years, ODFW has had many more fish return than necessary to produce the next generation of hatchery fish.
The fish donated are processed in accordance with federal food handling guidelines by American/Canadian Fisheries, Inc., a company based in Bellingham, Washington. American/Canadian provides all the staff and equipment at no charge to ODFW and the food bank in exchange for the opportunity to market by-products of the filleting process in international markets.



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