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11/25/06: Dear Mr. Secretary:
Below this message is attached the latest on the West Coast Salmon Disaster Aid available to displaced Oregon Salmon Trollers in two counties.
I must say you were able to drag your feet like all good bureaucrats.  You said a lot, you did nothing!  Shame on you! 
Now is the time to get off the dime and make the disaster aid package happen that provides "Direct Payment To" displaced West Coast Salmon Trollers for their loss.
I won't go into the details as to what caused the disaster, that has been made quite clear and it is also quite clear that you and your assistant secretaries don't have a clue.
You now have members of the Oregon Salmon Troll Fleet about to be evicted from their houses and their utilities about to be turned off.
Mr. Secretary you might try it yourself.  Move out of your home until May 1 2007 when there might be another opportunity to fish for salmon.  Off with the lights, heat, all your conveniences and on to someone's boat here in Oregon.  I'm sure an Oregon Salmon Troller would move you right on if they haven't lost their boat already and aren't behind in their moorage. 
You Mr. Secretary really disappoint alot of people out here in the West.
Push the Disaster Legislation through Mr. Bush's Lame Duck session so the West Coast and the Nation can get on with real business instead of monkey business.
Don Stevens
Newberg, Oregon
503 537 0976
P.S.  Those people on the cc list are either working to fix your debacle or they helped cause it.  They will be able to determine if they are working to fix it or if they helped cause it.  I know who they are, do you?

Housing help available to fishermen

November 25, 2006 Coos Bay World


Using funding from the State Emergency Housing Account provided by Oregon Housing & Community Services, Oregon Coast Community Action staff in Coos and Curry counties are helping salmon fishermen and workers in salmon fishery-related businesses to deal with housing-related crises caused by the closure of the commercial salmon season.

Fishermen facing eviction or utility shut-off notices can now receive some help in meeting those and other housing-related expenses, according to Robert More, director of ORCCA's Housing & Emergency Services programs, in a press release. He estimated that there is funding sufficient to meet the emergency needs of approximately 20 households.

In Coos County, salmon fishermen can make an appointment by calling Jill Branscom-Foss, ORCCA housing specialist, at 888-7018; Michelle Winfield, Port outreach specialist, at 756-7232 or 260-1998; or Robert More, ORCCA director of housing and emergency services, at 888-7022.

In Curry County, fishermen can call Cindy Davis, ORCCA office manager at the Hanscam Center in Harbor, at (541) 469-3155; Leesa Cobb, Port outreach specialist in Port Orford, at (541) 332-0627 or (541) 332-5250; or Lynn Dairy, Port outreach specialist in Brookings, at (541) 469-5900 or (541) 251-0440.

At the time of their appointments, fishermen must present documentation proving their relationship to the commercial salmon industry.

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