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Fishermen and farmers lose a friend, advocate

Scott Boley helped form an alliance in the Klamath Basin

BY JACQUI KRIZO Freelance Writer Capital Press June 1, 2007

GOLD BEACH, Ore. — Scott Boley, 58, salmon troller and seafood processor, died at his Gold Beach home May 28 of natural causes.

“Oregon Salmon Fishermen lost an advocate, Klamath farmers lost an ally and we both lost one of the really good guys,” said Greg Addington, Klamath Water Users Association executive director.

Until recently, some commercial fishermen blamed irrigators and the government’s water management for fish woes. And some Klamath Basin irrigators thought the fishermen wanted all their water.

When the government severely restricted Oregon and California Coastal fishing last year, Boley and Klamath farmer Dick Carleton organized meetings and tours of ports and farms, and their groups drew up an alliance, dispelling myths and finding solutions.

Last winter, the two men accepted an award on behalf of Klamath farmers and ranchers and commercial fishermen from the Oregon Department of Agriculture for their efforts in finding solutions to support fisheries, farms and Klamath River health.

Fellow salmon troller Rick Goche said Boley had a unique perspective of Klamath issues being raised in the Klamath Basin, and he had a unique knowledge base of experience, science and politics of troll salmon.

Schooled in ocean engineering, Boley was an asset on the federal Pacific Fishery Management Council, the Port of Gold Beach and on the Oregon Salmon Commission, as well as other groups. He was involved in hatchery programs and a new DNAtesting program that identifies where the salmon originates.

“Scott Boley treated people with respect and earned a boatload of it in return,” Coos County Commissioner John Griffith said.

Klamath County Commissioner Bill Brown said, “Scott was at everything we did. He was able to deliver a message in a way that was understandable.”

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