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Klamath Irrigators and Commercial Fishermen Meet

News Release: April 4, 2005

Reprinted from Oregon Trollers Association Press Release

Charleston, Oregon, Friday April 1, 2005, a representative of the Klamath Basin Water Users, Steve Kandra and members of the Oregon Trollers Association, along with other Commercial Salmon Fishermen met and formed an agreement, in kind, to work together on the problems with the Klamath River System.

Both the Irrigators and Fishermen are paying the price for the forecast small returns of this years four (4) year old run of fall Chinook Salmon.

With the largest runs of Chinook Salmon in 50-60 years being forecast for ocean harvest, Commercial Salmon Trollerís of California and Oregon are being held off the water so as not to impact the Klamath River Systems fish population.

Unlike other costal rivers, such as the Columbia and Sacramento are at record returns and the 2005 season forecast to be even larger.

The Irrigators are also being made to pay the price, with irrigation water in short supply due to drought conditions and endangered species restrictions.

The meeting was chaired by Jim Moore (OTA) and passed director of the Klamath Water Users Board, the meeting has been along time coming, it provided much needed dialogue and information.

The purpose of the historic meeting between the two groups was an information sharing opportunity to minimize misinformation and provide common ground work we feel will lead the way to forming a coalition to work on River Flows, Salmon, Habitat Restoration, Environmental Impacts, Biological Opinions and Co-Management Procedures.

Farming and fishing communities are both dealing with the complexity of regulations that are tearing apart the foundations of both industries.

Both groups agreed that the solution to the problems of the Klamath System must come from the multitude of all the impacted user groups.

The Oregon Trollers Association, Inc. (OTA) is not affiliated with the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermenís Association (PCFFA). The PCFFA does not represent the majority of Oregon and California Troll Fishermen, nor does anyone they have appointed.

We the OTA do not share their views retaining to Fish and Water management in the Pacific Northwest.





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