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 From a Coastal Commercial Fisherman's wife to KBC 4/9/06
by Cheri Moore
The commercial closure is sure the pits for any fishermen below Florence.  The prospect of traveling North  approximately 7 to 10 hours to travel depending on currents and having 4 days to fish and 3 off is ridiculous.  Newport doesn't have and shower facilities for those they may go there....the stores to resupply are way to far to walk so a vehicle is necessary to support yourself. You have to pay moorage there and of course you still have to pay in the port that you came from so it is double the usual amount...fuel ( as you know) is out of sight. 
Once you go and try to fish it usually takes a day or two to find the salmon...and if you are lucky you must quit when you have 75 salmon on board.  Then take 3 days off and when it opens up again you have to find the fish again.  Also out of town buyers that aren"t familiar with us,so you have to find a good reputable buyer.

It goes on and on and is so stupid.

Our friends and neighbors with there boats in the back yard can go out and catch two salmon everyday and the charter boats can take their people out, but out Southern fishermen can watch from shore. We can fish as a private party if it has nothing to do with making a living.





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