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Dr. Moyle, cited in Dan Bacher's article, "Peter Moyle's Commentary on Central Valley Chinook Salmon Decline" would like us all to believe that ocean conditions play a small role in today's salmon decline.

by Joseph Greene, EPA retired scientist, 4/13/08  Joseph Green biography

It is then of great interest what is being reported in the news about the Alaskan fisheries.  A recent headline reads, "2008 salmon forecast predicts 18th largest harvest since 1960". 

It has been common knowledge for a number of years that when ocean conditions warm in CA, OR, and WA this elevates the temperature conditions offshore of BC and AK.  The conditions to the north now become optimum for the salmon while being very bad for the survival of salmon in the lower states.  I need go no further to explain this than to refer you to Figures 1, 2, and 3 in the report by Miller et al, 2000, Climate, Uncertainty and the Pacific Salmon Treaty, Insights on the Harvest Management Game. 

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