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 October 2004 steelhead on the Klamath

Date: Wednesday August 24 2005  at 5:00 pm
Current Report: The Klamath mouth is fishing good

We started out our day by heading down to the mouth on a outgoing tide. We were the only boat there. After we dropped our lines in we had our first fish in about 5 minutes. The next fish we had  got hammered by a sea lion and snapped our leader right in two, after getting 4 fish in about an hour and a half we headed up river to look for jacks and some steelies. We hooked a few till we found a nice hatchery female and a few jacks. The river is in great shape and there are quite a few fish around to be caught.  Thanks Tim King 

Date: Tuesday August 23 2005  at 9:00 pm
Current Report:  Better fishing today

We had a really nice day of fishing on the Klamath. The day started out a little slow but we worked our way up to Johnson's bar and back and ended up with a pretty good day. We landed some really nice adult salmon to about 25 pounds we got some nice jacks for the barbeque and a few nice steelhead and at the end of the day we got in to a bunch of half  pounders in the Klamath glen area. At one point in starwein we had on a nice size salmon, and every time we got it near the boat we could see a bunch of other salmon swimming along side following the hooked fish. The sea lions are still a problem and are following the fish up river as they leave the estuary. The Indians are not allowed to net 2 days a week and this was one of them the river is basically empty with very few boats out fishing. We saw a really big bear and lots of eagles golden and bald on our trip today. Thanks Tim King 





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