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 September 1 2005  at 5:00 pm
Current Report: Decent fishing today

The bite started out slow but we finally found our fish. We had limits of adults but we were short on our jacks. Looks like we are now starting to see some ok numbers of fish in the rivers you just have to be patience or really go hunting for a good bite. Thanks Tim King

Date: Wednesday August 31 2005  at 10:00 pm
Current Report:  WE did not fish today

Here is a run down on the rivers . The people that guide in northern California is a pretty small group of guys that do it full time and we all travel and stay in pretty close contact with each other. So its pretty easy to find out what's going on in the different rivers plus the years of fishing you know where the fishing is best at that time of year. The steelhead that where here on the Klamath during July have pushed up river to the upper Klamath or headed up the Trinity. I talked to Vicky over on the Trinity and see saw a few boats out most will  be catching steelhead and a few early salmon that flew up the river. The upper Klamath is Wally Johnson's  back yard where he will be after he leaves the lower Klamath. The Trinity usually fishes good from late September into late October for salmon and early run steelhead.  The Sacramento has been slow for what has been predicted this year but it will turn on soon and we should see good numbers of fish pick up real soon you can fish this river till late in the year as the kings just keep coming. The Klamath fished pretty good today with some nice salmon and steelhead caught by the few boats that went out today. We  like to stay here a little later than most guides we fish here through October. The fishing pressure pretty much goes away during late September and we have the whole river to ourselves which is pretty hard to find these days with all the people in California. We will be fishing almost every day from here on out so check back and see how we are doing. We still have a few open days if your interested in fishing. Thanks Tim King      




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