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July 14 2005 at 3:00 PM
Current Report:  The Fishing is excellent on the Trinity

We knew that the salmon would arrive and now they have. Better late than never. We are seeing fresh fish in every hole. The salmon are rolling and moving up the river in big pods of fish.  The scores are now way up . I heard of some scores as high as 15 fish hooked down in the canyon below Douglas City. We did a quick float from steelbridge rd in Douglas city down and landed 4 nice fish in about 2 hours of fishing The best way to catch them is back trolling a k15 kwickfish in silver and green. The flows continue to drop and are now down to about a 1000cfs. Look for the fishing to remain good for the coming weeks. The weather continues to be hot hovering right around a 100 degrees. The Klamath still has some springers coming in but the numbers are slowing down just a little . The summer run steelhead bite should be turning on real soon on the lower river a few of them have already started to show up. I still a few dates open for these trips you can fly fish or bait fish. This time of year the water is about as clear as it gets right now. Later in the year the moss will grow out and start to break off causing the fly  fishing to be a little more difficult. The steelhead run about 4 to 10 lbs on these trips. I have a few dates left for the fall season on the lower Klamath from August 15th to October 15th. We will be targeting salmon and steelhead on these combo trips. Thanks Tim King  

Date: Tuesday July 12 2005 at 5:00 PM
Current Report:  The Fishing is holding steady 

Today we had a pretty good day of springer salmon fishing. We landed 3 of the 5 fish that we hooked. The fish where a little smaller than I would have liked to keep. Running around 10 lbs the big ones seem to be able to use the fast currents to avoid being landed. The flows are down to 1300 cfs and dropping every day. We fished up high trying to avoid the higher flows of the lower stretches where there are more creeks adding water. The whole system now has fish and should continue to fish good for the next few weeks. Thanks Tim

Date: Sunday July 10 2005 at 7:00 PM
Current Report:   Fishing getting better 

The fishing is improving on the Trinity and the Klamath is still going strong with springers and summer run steelhead. I ran in to Gary farley over in Klamath glen and he had just landed 4 salmon for his clients to about 25 pounds. Tommy from little rays tackle box was heading out for some summer steelhead fishing . Over on the Trinity the flows are down to 1700 cfs and the fishing is picking up depending on which drift you were on over the weekend. The best fishing was in the canyon below Douglas city or up above from Douglas city down.  Mike  went 5 for 7 on salmon to about 17 lbs on this drift and one steelhead. The flows are dropping fast and with more fish pushing up from the Klamath the Trinity will really start to turn on.  I still have a few days open for our Klamath trips from mid August into October we will be targeting salmon and steelhead on these trips. If you have never fished the Klamath it some thing you should really try. The fish come in from the ocean and go on a mission to get to there spawning grounds eating and destroying any thing that gets in there way. Unlike most river fishing where the fish are light bitters the Klamath salmon and steelhead just inhale it. Being fresh from the ocean on that day that you chose to fish they are fresh and full of fight if you have never caught a steelhead or salmon right out of the ocean determined to spawn up river you are missing out. The wildlife that lines the river is fantastic bears eagles wild horses and no roads . The lower 40 miles or river is only accessible by Jet boat. Check out my last years fishing report to see what you could be catching.  Thanks Tim   

Date: Wednesday July 6 2005 at 8:00 PM
Current Report: The  fishing is picking up  with the flows dropping   

The flows are now in a downward trend and on there way back to the summer flow of 450cfs. You can really see the difference a few hundred cfs makes . The fishing will be in high gear with more fish and less water for them to hold in.   Thanks Tim King

Date: Monday July 4 2005 at 4:00 PM
Current Report: The  fishing is picking up but not red hot Yet    

Most of the guides and a few bank fisherman started to pick up fish this weekend. It all started on Friday. We started to see a few fish moving when we where drifting down the river these where the first salmon we had seen all year. We ended up 1 for 2 on Friday and 2 for 2 on Saturday.  We did see a few fish caught at the swimming hole in Junction city from the bank. The numbers of fish caught will really start to improve in the coming weeks as more fish move up and the water flows slowly drop back down. Thanks Tim King




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