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Tides beginning to turn for salmon anglers
Don Terbush For the Times-Standard 6/10/05

Unlike the San Francisco Giants who have forgotten how to win, sport salmon anglers are looking at a fine comeback after a miserable start this season at Eureka, Trinidad and Shelter Cove.

"Fishing is great," commented Michelle Mead from Trinidad Wednesday morning. "The charter boat Shenandoah came back with limits by 9 o'clock this morning."

Anglers got salmon from 9 to 16 pounds in 270 feet northeast of the Whistler. The ocean is flat. Fishing picked up Monday.

Rich Hull has taken over the Salmon Derby lead with a 17 pounder. Henry Avelar maintains his lead in the Lingcod Derby with his 28-1/2 pounder.

"Fishing is good. Today (Tuesday) everybody got fish," reported Larry Williams, owner of the Eureka-based Coral Isle. "The largest was 18-1/2 pounds. The range was 8-18-1/2 pounds."

"Most of the salmon were taken in 210 feet straight out in the north bay. As long as the weather holds we should see great things," he added.

Phil Glen, skipper of the Shellback which operates out of Woodley Island, fished west of the sea buoy in 34 fathoms Monday. Four anglers caught 8 salmon to 14 pounds. The best fishing was at 35 to 55 feet, he said. "We limited out by 10 a.m. There was a 10 foot westerly swell, light southerly wind. I heard on the radio that the fish were biting Tuesday in the same area."

Gisela Kinder noted from Johnny's Marina that there were a few fishermen out Wednesday morning and fishing was so-so. A few days ago there were quite a few fish and fishermen, nothing terrific.

Bottom fishing remains great off Crescent City and there is lots of bait, according to Tally Ho II skipper Bob Ginoelhio. The weather remains iffy.

Lee Self notes from Shelter Cove that salmon fishing "is starting to get good." Conditions are good and 9 boats brought in 33 fish today (Tuesday). Four boats had limits by 10 a.m.

Most of the salmon were caught right off the lighthouse. Lingcod limits were caught right off the 40.10 line. Several large crabs were also brought in.

Salmon activity also picked up on North Coast rivers.

The Klamath River has been fishing well for a couple of days, according to guide Rich Mossholder. Guide Gary Farley had limits by 10 a.m. today (Tuesday). It's prime time now.

"They are fishing all of the way to Johnson's, mostly at Klamath Glen," Rich continued. "The fish range from 8 to 26 pounds, the latter by Rich on Tuesday. Bronze spinners are getting the job done. Fishing on the Rogue River has been pretty slow."

Willow Creek guide Ed Duggan says "it looks like the first of the spring Chinook have showed up on the Trinity River."

"The word is they have landed in Weitchpec, Hoopa, Grey's Falls and Burnt Ranch Falls."

He advises caution on the trail down to Burnt Ranch Falls.

"I don't recommend that you try it unless you know it well and there has been no rain for a couple of days. The river is still on the rise and will level off at 2,000 cfs this coming week."

There should be some early springers around Del Loma. As usual, spoons or tuna balls are recommended. With the higher flows, Ed looks at the one ounce weights.

"Right now this section of the river is definitely spinners and I use Blue Fox number 3 or 4, blades gold with orange bodies," said Duggan.

In some of the swift water add some split shots to your leader to get the spinners down.

Special Events

There are two events worthy of mention coming up Saturday. One is Free Fish Day in which while all regulations apply, no license is required for sport fishing.

The other is the Fish Lake Kids Fishing Derby. "This is a great event and is free," Ed points out. "There are nice prizes for the kids to win and there is a Hotdog Roast. Signups are from 7 to 9 a.m. and fishing is from 8 a.m. to noon."

Bass and trout fishing at Ruth Lake is flourishing. Bass from 1.5 to 4 pounds are being taken on small rainbow trout lures. Large bluegill are being landed on jigs or flies.

Trout fishing on the Sacramento River from Redding to Red Bluff is super good and getting better every day. Anglers are enjoying hookups of 15 to 30 wild rainbows per day. Most are in the 2 to 3 pound range. From Redding to Anderson drifting Glo Bugs has been the hottest ticket.

Even though shad fishing from Red Bluff down improves each day, it is still not red hot. Jigging or side casting 1-16 ounce jigs with one or two inch chartreuse curly tail grubs is the best bet.





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