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Published March 18, 2004

Plant burned areas

The Winter Rim is the ugliest sight in Lake County. It looks worse in the winter. It's sickening to drive past it and remember how it used to look. I feel for the folks who have to live there and look at it everyday. There are Summer Lake natives who have lived there all their lives, and I know it must be hard to have to face it everyday.

Why all the fuss about logging? It behooves the Forest Service to put all available resources on salvaging and replanting the whole area.

Whatever happened to the tree-plant-ing crews we used to have?

It will take at least a hundred years to get Winter Rim back from this devastation. So the mountain is steep. Well, the trees grow there and they should be replanted, no matter what excuses are made against the replant.

I think all the environmentalists should be required to spend at least two weeks camped at the base of the rim looking towards the west before they voice an opinion. Enjoy the view. They should back off from their agenda of doing nothing, or as little as possible.

The enviros want all this ugliness to last forever. They seem to relish the devastation of fires and the ugly remains. Never try to beautify any area.

This letter also applies to the Biscuit Fire and the do-nothing strategy there.

Amanda Barrie






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