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Rich Bodnar
Klamath Dam Removal
Sat Jan 30, 2010 9:19am
The tactics used by those in favor of dam removal have been repeated in most every effort to remove dams throughout America. It is the same story about the fish. There is no scientific proof that removing the dams leads to an improvement in the numbers of fish. The Heinz Foundation study on dam removal illustrated that there is no scientific proof for the claims being made by those seeking to tear down the dams. Visit their web site and read the proof for yourself.

These "environmental" groups are making false claims that simply can not be proven scientifically. They are seeking to force taxpayers to spend billions of dollars in this country to pay for dam removals. The results are usually a loss of property values, recreational areas, and significant changes in ecological systems. Their claims are hollow and not scientific. They try to scare the public with their claims of ruining fish populations and harming indigenous populations. Being an "environmentalist" is an easy claim to make. All you have to is call yourself one. Their is no litmus test for this label. Look at the "environmentalist" facts: land grabs, billions in demolitions costs, secret meetings, water rationing, loss of clean power, decimated property values, energy and water rate increases, disappearance of lakes used for recreation, loss of tax revenue, and decimated communities. I have a new title for these so-called environmentalists: Destructionists!

Come on people of Siskiyou County. Get the word out to the press, to your elected officials, and to the public. Your communities and way of life are being threatened by a group of people spending your money to spread their lies and destruction. Don't settle, fight!



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