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2006 Freedom21 Conference Presentations


(These are rather large, MP3 files, suitable for downloading
to your computer or iPod.)
Session #1- "Why we must advance the principles of freedom" - (File size: 20.5MB - Run time: 51:22)

    Opening ceremonies, Welcome, and Tom DeWeese, President of the American Policy Center, delivers one of his more memorable presentations.

Session #2 - "How to protect your community from Sustainable Development" - (File size: 38.5MB - Run time: 96:15)

    Michael Shaw, founder of Freedom21 Santa Cruz, calls on Daniel Beckett, Roy Avila, and Joanne Nathan to provide instructions based on their experiences in Santa Cruz, California, the nation's first "Local Agenda 21 City."

Session #3 - "How to build an effective organization" - (File size: 18.5MB - Run time: 46:18)

    Norman Davis, founder of Take Back Kentucky, explains how his organization has become one of the most effective grassroots organizations in the nation.

Session #3(a) - "How to use "Think Tanks" in the grassroots effort" - (File size: 16.2MB Run time: 40:34)

    Christopher Derry, founder of the Bluegrass Institute, on why and how his organization supports the state coalition effort.

Session #4 "How to control education in your state" - (File size: 38.9MB - Run time: 97:07)

    Allen Quist, Michael Chapman, and Dr. Karen Effrem explain how their organization, EdWatch, in Minnesota, has prevented the introduction of liberal curriculum into their schools.

Session #5 - What to do with 47 U.N. Biosphere Reserves? (File size: 39.8 - Run time: 99:27)

    Henry Lamb, Tom Gilbert, Dr. Stewart Foster, Tom McDonnell, and Dr. Michael Coffman present the pro and con arguments for the existence of U.N. Biosphere Reserves in the U.S.

Luncheon Speaker "Principles of Freedom" - (File size: 21.7MB - Run time: 54:17)

    Steve Pratt delivers one of the most challenging and inspirational presentations ever heard at a Freedom21 Conference.

Session #6 - "How to deal with government agencies" - (File size: 32.5MB - Run time: 81:23)

    Don Casey and Ken Freeman, from Alabama's Alliance for Citizens' Rights, share their successes working through both local and state governments.

    John Riley and Larry Brown explain how they were able to end the Vehicle Emissions Testing (VET) programs in Kentucky.

Session #7 - "How to become more effective" - (File size: 32.6MB - Run time: 81:29)
    Jim Beers, former U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service bureaucrat, explains how to effectively work with government agencies.

    Howard Hutchinson, Director of the Arizona/New Mexico Coalition of Counties, demonstrates how the "consensus process" is designed to achieve a pre-determined outcome, before the meeting even begins.

Session #8 "How to fund your organization" - (File size: 15 MB - Run time: 37:37)
    Tom DeWeese and Michael Shaw mingle with the audience in a wide ranging discussion on ideas to improve funding for grassroots organizations.

Session #9 - "How to prevent the U.S. military from serving under U.N. command" - (File size: 20.2 - Run time: 50:32)

    Daniel New discusses legislation introduced that will prevent U.S. military personnel from serving under U.N. command.

Session #10 "How to influence legislation" - (File size: 16.3MB - Run time: 40:52)

    Kent Snyder, Director of Ron Paul's Liberty Committee, and Mike Hardiman, author of ECO's "Washington Watch," discuss various legislation now pending in Congress.

Session #10(a) "How to stop NAIS" - (File size: 19.9MB - Run time: 49:51)

    Judith McGeary, director of Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, and member of the Liberty Ark Coalition steering committee, explains why the National Animal Identification System must be stopped.

Session #11 "Reports from the Field" - (File size: 42.6MB - Run time: 106:23)

    Duggan Flanakin, from the Committee for a Constructive Tommorrow, reports on his organization's international Freedom21 activities.

    Shirley Daniel, President of Kentucky Eagle Forum, reports on the impact of the North American Union.

    Russell Wood, President of the Ozarks Property Rights Congress, reports on his organization's success in defeating regional government legislation in Missouri.

    Marilyn Taylor, from Everett, Washington, explains the range of activities underway in her state.

Banquet Speaker - (File size: 20.2 - Run time: 50:38)

    Herb Titus, nationally-known Constitutional attorney, discusses the difference between the principles of freedom enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, compared with the allocation of freedoms granted by the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights.
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