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Dear Editor from Nita Still, Montegue

The Invisible Government

Whenever We The People speak out against what this government is doing we are called Un-American, astro-turf, liars, ridiculed and on and on. Why do you think they are going after Glenn Beck and Fox news, with such ridicule? Using words to justify their hostile actions. Obama, Pelose, Boxer, Gibbs, Anita Dunn and many others are doing this to cover up their lies and Un-American activities. The Executive, Legislative, Judicial body's, the Cabinet and all the Czars are spiteful, Un-American, hateful, vindictive, radical robots, doing the bidding of the invisible government. Some of these ARE the invisible government. As Supreme Court Justice, Felix Frankfurter said, in 1922, and he should know for he helped create the ACLU, "The real rulers in Washington D.C. are invisible and exercise power from behind the scene."

For the last 200 years or more, the plans of the Invisible Ones and their henchmen have formed a line of sequence that has eroded our freedoms and liberties, putting unjust laws upon us. And we have just sat silently. The office of the President has been so corrupted we do not recognize it. It is only worthy when we have a man or a woman in there that considers We The People as valuable assets whom they can help to be independent and live without fear of their government.

Now, with Obama, who was selected to be elected, the Elite have gained enough power to be able to crush industry, our economy, lives, liberties, takeover our water and properties and all infrastructure. This government is the culmination of the continuing actions and plans of the Rothschild Dynasty, the Illuminati and all their sympathizers and servitors. You can read their plans in the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto and the United Nations Information, for all these groups are working together in the governments of all nations, federal, state and local.

They have put upon us their ability to create, a Wilderness out of our lands and water supply. They have even created an apparatus to help them change the weather. They are doing things that nature is supposed to do with the weather, land and water, birds, fish and animals, even changing the way we have been living for millions of years. They want to control Society, the Economy and the Environment. They have NO HONOR or JUSTICE.

Now there are so many invisible ones who have become visible in their meeting and doings and very few of the media is exposing them because they too are members. They have the power to kill you if they or their works are exposed. So far we have just been ridiculed. Why do you think Lincoln, the Kennedy's and Martin Luther King were killed and Reagan shot?

We must act now to save what is left, and create it again, using our Constitution. We must Conquer and be Victorious because we do not like the Changes Obama has made to form a socialist-communistic government. Nor do we care if his skin is pink with purple polka-dots!

Most Sincerely, Nita Still

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