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To the people of America
Pioneer Press November 25, 2009 by Nita Still, Montague
To the Editor:

Since too many of our rights have been systematically taken over by the Green Advocacy Groups or GAG's, using systems of laws and by cooperation from our government with Judicial assistance, we now Resolve to remove any and all laws they are using against us. In an article on their site, they called us "organisms," so as to demean us. For they want to assist and multiply all the animals, fish, birds, plants, insects and whatever, "to be saved, for posterity, and to be able to roam free from human intervention."   

We Resolve to abolish the Federal and State Endangered Species Act, (ESA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and any other type of law they are using to take over our country and change it into their PLAN for Wilderness.   

Whereas the GAG's pay no taxes on their income or property, and when they buy land, our government helps purchase the lands and water ways they desire; We Decree this is to be stopped and they are to be taxed.    

The ESA the EPA and etc. is hereby removed from their use. The hatred the GAG's have for the welfare of We The People is sent back to them. No law or laws of removal shall be passed upon our Freedoms, our Water or our Properties. The Abortion Bill is cancelled only to save the Mother. Our Freedoms of: Truthful and factual speech, the right to Peacefully assemble, the right of a truthful and factual Press, a loving and respectful Religion and our ability to petition the government with grievances, shall all be kept intact and the Government must comply and obey. We have the right to keep our water, land and a proper Economy. We will maintain our Constitutional Rights, especially of Militia protection in Amendment two.   

Whereas the government is taking away our rights and replacing them with laws they desire, they have created a severe loss of jobs and higher taxes, with the help of the Federal Reserve. The Government is making the job market worse by their laws. Yet, they give themselves a yearly raise, and have so many perks that would sink a battle ship! This will be stopped. They will put their raise of the last two years back in the Social Security fund. There shall be no more Politics or Pork in any of their decisions and they will read the bills before voting. They shall not override the desires of We The People.    

There will be no more taxes through passage of bills and those already in their docket, to destroy our way of life.  All bills passed in the last twelve months which remove our freedoms and raise our taxes, are cancelled! We shall go back on the Gold Standard, be rid from: the Federal Reserve, the IRS, the Invisible government, the United Nations and all the GAG's. We Will be rid from the "Globalist power and privileges which continue to shout down the voice of the People."   

We are up and doing, for We Shall Prevail!

I stand in fear of this Government, with tearful eyes. 

Nita Still, Montague
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