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Cap and Trade an excess of regulation

  •  by Steve Rapalyea, Chiloquin, June 20, 2019, Herald and News

I just read the article on the Thursday, June 13 H&N Forum page attacking republicans’ attack on the environment.

What republicans are attacking are some of the excesses resulting from the various environmental laws.

“Cap and Trade” is one of these. Manmade CO2 is estimated at 3% of the atmospheric CO2 and it has been found that natural variations exceed that percentage. CO2 is approximately 1,560,000th of the total atmospheric gas and is essential for all life on Earth.

All green plants use CO2 and release O2 in their respiration. According to Dr.Patrick Michael, (a world-renowned climatologist) agricultural production has increased 5% due to the increase in CO2. That is a big deal.

An Oregon University, OSU if I remember correctly, did a survey of climatologists in 2015. More than 31,000 responded they did not believe climate change is manmade. The ones running around saying “The sky is falling,” are those paid to come to that conclusion.

Greenland once was actually green back in the days of the Vikings; now it is mostly white.

Think about our transportation system. It is mostly dependent on fossil fuels, as is much of our residential heating. Are you ready to give up your cars and trucks? How about farmers and ranchers with their diesel powered tractors?

In my opinion the “Cap and Trade” scheme is mainly a money shuffle to enrich the government while crippling the economy and adding more government control over our lives.

Look forward to $4 a gallon gas in the near future!

Some references: www.climatedepot.org, www.climate science.org “Nature Magazine” — “The True Cause of Climate Change” or this video: www.youtube.com/embed/BC1l4geSTP8.



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