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A new climate center: Why?
Feb 20, 2007 letter to editor Albany Democrat Herald by Paul Messersmith

Governor K. has declared that we need a state research center on climate change. Well, Governor, there are a few more areas in this state that need a lot more attention and fiscal support than duplicating what the world is already doing!

My guess is that this is just another payback to the environmental extremists that helped carry him to his second term. I’m also convinced that Mr. Bradbury, Mr. Gore’s global warming disciple, played a significant role in putting forth this unnecessary proposal.

It’s important to remember that these environmental extremists, such as the NEDC (Northwest Environmental Defense Council) are the same groups and individuals that shut down logging in Oregon’s national forests. The editor in his Feb. 14 editorial, “Weird method…,” incorrectly stated that the government shut down the timber harvest. He also incorrectly stated that “about half of the land (in Oregon) is owned by the federal government.” Wrong! The people of Oregon and the United States own the land.

These same extremist groups continue to file frivolous law suits not only against timber harvesting but against grazing, small-scale gold mining, off-road trail riding, and oil and natural gas exploration activities, just to mention a few.

The D-H reports that legislation is pending to put this proposed climate research center in place. If you agree that this is just another bureaucratic layer in state government prompted and supported by extreme environmental groups, please contact Rep. Olson or Sen. Morse and encourage them to halt this bad legislation.

Paul Messersmith, Albany

February 12, 2007


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