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UN asks: Did British experts exaggerate climate data?

05 December 2009 By BRIAN FERGUSON Scotsman.com

THE "Climategate" row threatening to overshadow next week's international global warming summit has taken a dramatic new twist.

Nepal's cabinet meeting at the Mount Everest base camp

The United Nations yesterday ordered a full inquiry into claims leading British scientists have been manipulating data to exaggerate climate change.

A senior UN official on global warming intervened the day after the University of East Anglia unveiled its own investigation into allegations its staff have been conspiring to hide key evidence.

Saudi Arabia's lead climate negotiator said the row was likely to have a "huge impact" on crucial talks in Copenhagen, which start on Monday.

However, a colleague of one researcher forced to stand down over the row accused sceptics of launching a "tabloid-style character assassination", while Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband hit out at "flat Earthers" trying to undermine climate research.

Leaked e-mail exchanges from the university's climate research unit (CRU) appear to show its scientists discussing with peers around the globe various ways to shield data from public scrutiny and suppress the work of others.

The UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will investigate claims that the hacked e-mails have revealed a conspiracy to boost the evidence for man-made global warming.

Professor Phil Jones, head of the CRU, has stepped down pending the university's own review, which will be headed by former Glasgow University principal Sir Muir Russell.

Prof Jones has strenuously denied claims published on websites run by climate-change sceptics that he has tried to have evidence withheld from the summit in Copenhagen. And he dismissed suggestions of a conspiracy to alter evidence in support of a theory branding man-made climate change "complete rubbish".

But Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the IPCC, said the claims were "serious" and could not be "brushed under the carpet".

Sir Muir said: "Given the nature of the allegations, it is right someone who has no links to either the university or the climate science community looks at the evidence and makes recommendations based on what they find."

However, his inquiry which will explore the unit's policies and practices for acquiring, assembling, reviewing and publishing data and research will not be completed until the spring.

A police investigation is also under way into the theft of the data, which includes more than 1,000 e-mails sent from or to members of the CRU.

United States president Barack Obama yesterday abruptly altered the timing of his appearance at the Copenhagen summit, hoping to capitalise on steps taken by India and China and so build a more meaningful political accord, the White House said.

The move means Mr Obama will be there on 18 December, instead of at the opening session. More leaders will be in attendance on the revised date. THE EMAILS AT THE CENTRE OF THE ROW, AND WHAT THEY COULD MEAN

From: Phil Jones, Nov 1999

I've just completed Mike's Nature (the science journal] trick of adding in the real temps to hide the decline

CRITICS cite this as evidence that data was manipulated to mask the fact that global temperatures are falling. Prof Jones claims the meaning of "trick" has been misinterpreted.

From: Phil Jones, March 2003

I will be emailing the journal to tell them I'm having nothing more to do with it until they rid themselves of this troublesome editor.

PROF JONES appears to be lobbying for the dismissal of the editor of Climate Research, a scientific journal that published papers downplaying climate change.

From Phil Jones, July 2004

I can't see these papers being in the next IPCC report. Kevin and I will keep them out somehow even if we have to redefine what peer-review literature is!

THE IPCC is the UN body charged with monitoring climate change. The scientists did not want it to consider studies that challenge the view that global warming is genuine and man-made.

From: Michael Mann, August 2004

Phil and I are likely to have to respond to more crap criticisms from the idiots in the near future.

THE scientists make no attempt to hide their disdain for climate change sceptics who request more information about their work.

From Phil Jones, May 2008

Can you delete any emails you may have had with Keith re AR4? Keith will do likewise.

CLIMATE change sceptics tried to use Freedom of Information to obtain raw climate data submitted to an IPCC report known as AR4. The scientists did not want their email exchanges about the data to be made public.

From: Kevin Trenberth, October 2009

The fact is that we can't account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can't.

PROF TRENBERTH appears to accept a key argument of global warming sceptics that there is no evidence temperatures have increased over the past 10 years.


SIR Muir Russell, who will lead an investigation into allegations regarding research by the Climatic Research Unit, is a former civil servant and former principal of the University of Glasgow.

The 60-year-old became principal of Glasgow University in October 2003.

Prior to his appointment, he was permanent secretary to the Scottish Executive since its establishment in July 1999, following devolution.

In Lord Fraser of Carmyllie's report into the cost of the Scottish Parliament building, Sir Muir was criticised for not properly informing politicians of the massive overspend.

He joined the Scottish Office in 1970. He was secretary of the Scottish Development Agency on its establishment in Glasgow in 1975, and was principal private secretary to the secretary of state for Scotland from 1981 to 1983.

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1 Cynicus Unbound,04/12/2009 23:53:16 The wheels are coming off the manmade global warming banwagon.

Some of has known for years that anthropogenic global warming (AGW) has been a massive con in which science has prostituted itse;f to politics. Now, at the University of East Anglia we find data being rigged to screen out results out of line with their model's predictions, repeated refusals to allow other scholars access to raw data, the actual DESTRUCTION of raw data sets, the exclusion of "off-message" scholars from the IPCC input and a bunch of cronies peer revieing each other's "research."

At the UK level this is a disgrace far worse than the fiddling of MPs' expenses. Like crooked MPs, some of the UEA CRU scientists may end up in jail.

On an international level, tens, possibly hundreds, of billions of dollars have been miappropriated. It's never glad confident morning again for the true believers of AGW. The US Congress and the BRIC group (Brazil, Russia, India, China) will ensure that.Report Unsuitable2 Cynicus Unbound,04/12/2009 23:58:56

"SIR Muir Russell... will lead an investigation into allegations"

This mandarin turned academic is an inappropriate choice. As the top civil servant in Scotland he presided over the destruction of much of Scotland's countryside by windfarm pollution. Presumably, he took the "science" of AGW for granted. How then can he conduct an impartial inquiry into the fakers, fraudsters and academic mafiosi in East Anglia?Report Unsuitable3 Stephen Wayne Foster,Miami, Florida 05/12/2009 00:12:41 Antarctica shows no signs of global warming. This has been explained away by saying that there is a hole in the ozone layer there. Notice that this hole is located in a region where nobody lives, and we must take the evidence on faith, since none of us will go there to see if the hole is really there.Report Unsuitable4 Cynicus Unbound,05/12/2009 00:26:46 "Antarctica shows no signs of global warming"-#3 Stephen Wayne Foster


On the contrary, the evidence points the other way with the thickening of glacial ice-sheets.

The ozone layer baloney is a typical escape clause of the sort wheeled out by AGW pseudo-science when their pet hypothesis is discredited.

Their MODUS OPERANDI is to cherry-pick the observational data compatible with the predictions of their models and to conjure an AD HOC hypothesis to explain away every contradiction. This is no more science than is astrology or palmistry.

It is time to show these charlatans the door. And to boot out their political partners in crime along with them.Report Unsuitable5 Anthony,Glasgow 05/12/2009 00:49:43 Ed Milliband said:

"We must resist that, and keep listening to the science and not subscribe to people who are frankly flat Earth-ers," he said.

From: Phil Jones, March 2003

"I will be emailing the journal to tell them I'm having nothing more to do with it until they rid themselves of this troublesome editor."

This demonstrates that the only scientists who are going to be allowed to be left in post, are those serving the climate change mafia. Right or wrong, all others are clearly to be 'dealt with'.Report Unsuitable6 Unimpressed one,05/12/2009 01:08:31 Just watched the disgraceful behaviour of a professor Robert Watson from the UEA on Newsnight who was put up to defend the actions of his colleagues at the CRU (seems that no-one from the actual CRU was willing to be interviewed). He was joined by an American skeptic, Marc Marano in a US studio.

When asked what was to be made of the most infamous email, 'hide the decline, etc', Watson parroted the usual gibberish that it had all been taken out of context. Marano countered that a number of IPCC reviewers had called the material from the CRU to be investigated and how one of the CRU's own scientists, Mike Hulme, had called for the IPCC to be disbanded. The response from Watson will certainly go down as one of the most unedifying tirades ever witnessed by an interviewee on the programme. He told Marano to shut-up, viewers also saw him gesticulating perhaps when he thought he was off camera, but on the split screen could be seen mocking Marano. His final insult was to say, "This guy's an asshole".

This was not the actions of a scientist defending the cause of robust science but more the actions of a rat caught in a trap spitting abuse at its captors. He will have surely trashed any credibility the UEA tried to retain over this whole affair, and most probably sealed the fate of Jones with his pathetic responses. No doubt this gem of an interview will be aired on US networks and, of course, will be on Youtube for the whole world to see. Report Unsuitable7 Col. Blimp IV*,05/12/2009 01:09:38 When the Vikings settled in Greenland a thousand years ago...were they being sarcastic when they named the place Green Land?

Or was their Leader a guy called Eric the Green?Report Unsuitable8 Col. Blimp IV*,05/12/2009 01:13:05 Hughie Green is the patron of the AGW Inquisition, for them...Opportunity Knocks!Report Unsuitable9 Unimpressed one,05/12/2009 01:20:17 Hello Scotsman, welcome to one of the greatest scientific scams since Piltdown man. However this is old news now.

Just for the sake of completeness, why not mention the doctored computer code? You know, the stuff that 'proves' to the UN, politicians, the greenies (well maybe not the green bams they don't need proof of anything) and the taxpayers? All experts who have examined it agree is absolute garbage.

Get stuck in, root around. There's more liquid brown stuff here than you'd find in a major dysentery outbreak.Report Unsuitable10 Unimpressed one,05/12/2009 01:22:03 #2, Did he not have something to do with the poll tax as well? Lovely man...Report Unsuitable11 Voldemort,Edinburgh 05/12/2009 01:25:59 I had to laugh tonight about the BBC coverage on Climategate !

So utterly bias it is almost unspeakable. Only when they REALLY had to after reams of complaints have they put on a tiny bit of reportage.

I would love to see Lord Monckton get some mainstream media on the Equally bias ITV and BBC ....

Climategate PROVES that the figures were manipulated and falsified. it also proves that the truth about global warming was suppressed and those who tried to tell the truth were subjected to the most indecent hate campaigns.

Media and government propaganda on climate change has been relentless - particularly targeting children.

If copenhagen goes ahead in light of this then it discredits ALL who sign it as either Gullible twits or sinister totalitarian twits !

Just the fact that Gordon Brown reckons it is a good thing to sign over more power to another unelected body means that it is definitely a bad thing !!

Gogs Broon is desperate man doing desperate things (did anyone else watch 'downfall' on Film4 tonight ? - watch it replayed in the Labour party bunker as they try and poison the water for the incoming tory party .... jut like they did when they realised the SNP were going to win in Scotland -- they pushed through all sorts of stupidity and malicious policy to try and make the incoming administration look bad.

I dare the BBC/ITV to get Al Gore( or even that twirp Ed Milliband) and Lord Monckton on a prime time televised debate ..... Lord Monckton would wipe the floor with them which why they will never give us the pleasure nor allow their bubble to be burst so publicly!

But questions do have to be asked as to how these lies were told for so long and why the reporting was so bias for years and our children have been so aggressively fed this deception in their very own schools !

Heads must roll and the madness must stop immediately.Report Unsuitable12 Unimpressed one,05/12/2009 01:35:11 #11, i believe AGW in the beginning was a fairly plausible hypothesis and no doubt before the gravy train started, many researchers were probably quite unbiased. However once the green movement smelt a cause to hijack and convinced the politicians and the media to get on board, there was no stopping the runaway train. Climate scientists found themselves being plucked from obscurity and thrust into the world stage and their science was suddenly awash with hard cash.

Just look at what the CRU alone brought in over less than 20 years:


Multiply this several times over and you begin to understand why the myth must be protected at all costs.Report Unsuitable13 Mallory,Edinburgh 05/12/2009 01:51:11 The BBC were sent the 'climategate' documents over a month ago yet failed to report on a major story affecting the world. Note that in the USA the major TV networks have also been remarkably lax in reporting or commenting on this.


According to Politiken Copenhagen's prostitutes are offering free sex to delegates to COP15!Report Unsuitable14 Thomas the Tank,Edinburgh 05/12/2009 08:14:58 Interesting this story isn't covered by the Hootsmon's freelance 'Environment Correspondent', Jenny Fyall/Haworth who provided that hysterical piece in last week's Scotchland on the Sabbath (4Bn will die unless we get a deal at Copenhagen). Is she sulking, hands over ears going 'La La La can't hear you' And where's the obnoxious Dr Dixon and the other moonhowlers for a 'comment'?Report Unsuitable

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