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http://towncriernews.blogspot.com/2006/04/invasion-mexican-border-has-moved-800.htmlFriday, April 14, 2006 the Town cryer

Invasion - The Mexican border has moved 800 miles north

Our national forests have been invaded by Mexican drug cartels, aided by MS-13 gangbangers and AWOL Mexican military growing massive marijuana farms. Last year we wrote an article, "Green cards and gangs" which was followed up by Michelle Malkin's article " Gangland".

The photos here were taken by Sheriff Rick Riggins in Siskiyou County, California during raids of these farms . He has graciously allowed us to present them.

This is some of the beautiful land and forests that are being destroyed by these foreign invaders. Helicopters had to be used to take out the crops and access the farms. The Sheriff told me they are already grouping to grow again this year, all over the Northwest.
Hundreds of trees are cut to build villages to live in while the cartels protect their investments.
This perp ran , fell and hurt himself. The sheriffs had to go in and take him out with a helicopter for medical treatment. As if paying to house them in jail isn't enough.
A notebook left by one of the "growers". It shows gang symbols as well as records for money "earned".
This is just one of the guns found at a raided camp.
Take note of the "shrine" on the right to the Virgin of Guadalupe. Just good Christians growing the dope that would put a citizen in jail for a long time. Think what the environmentalists and the law would do to you, if you did this to our forests!

Please note the huge holes dug to plant. The land is scraped of any natural vegetation. Water is piped in from the natural watershed. Chemicals are spread over hundreds of acres. The trees are skinned with only a canopy left for cover. Remember, US citizens aren't allowed to touch anything in our National Forests.

The "kitchen". Notice the candles beneath in all the garbage.
Here is one of the many huge pits dug to conceal crops, garbage, etc. ,big enough for an SUV.
The 'crop', from a raid last summer. These farms cover hundreds of acres with tens of thousands plants.


Article discussion here:


MUST SEE video!
Illegal alien encampments



Pinestraw Guy said...
A powerful presentation of the environmental damage done by leaving our borders wide open. The damage done in the Sonoran Desert and other fragile eco-systems in the border region are even more drastic.

When will America realize that our forefathers DIED for our privledge of living in this great country, and our inaction is giving it all away!

Do American citizens REALLY want to live in a Third-world country? If our borders stay open and our minds stay closed the last 200 years will have been for NOTHING.
12:18 PM  

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