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Sept. 23, 2013

From: Jefferson Declaration Committee, Siskiyou County, CA.


Modoc Co. Supervisors will vote on withdrawal from California

By Liz Bowen, Jefferson Declaration Committee

Will Modoc County approve a “Declaration” to withdraw from the State of California? That is the question?

On Sept. 24, 2013, the unusual agenda item will be up for a vote by the five member board of supervisors for Modoc County. Time is 9 a.m.

On Sept. 3, 2013, neighboring County of Siskiyou Board of Supervisors approved the Siskiyou “Declaration” to withdraw from the State of California with a vote of 4-1. It was an historic decision and gained national media attention for the grievances facing many rural areas. Lack of equal representation, the burden of over-regulations and downward-spiraling economies have devastated America’s rural communities.

Come to the meeting held at the Supervisors’ board chambers, in Alturas, and voice your support of creating a State of Jefferson with less destructive regulations, more local representation and a budding free-market economy.

Supervisors meet at the Modoc County Sheriff’s Office Annex, 211 East 1st Street, Alturas, CA.  96101.

All Modoc citizens are invited to attend the meeting and fill the room with support of the Modoc Declaration, which follows.





          WHEREAS, there are times in our history when it is apparent that the political separation of one people from another becomes necessary, both for the survival of the one, as well as, the continued well being of the other; and

          WHEREAS, the Modoc County Board of Supervisors recognizes the lack of representation for rural and frontier counties in the California Legislature and the Board is aware of an increasing tendency by the State of California to exercise legislative and fiscal malfeasance in the form of an illegal fire tax, property rights violations, and assaults upon Second Amendment rights, as well as, disregard for other inalienable rights of the Citizens of Modoc County; and

          WHEREAS, State and Federal Agencies have, through aggressive regulation and reinterpretation of long-established laws have denied the County of Modoc, its businesses, and its citizens access to our most abundant natural resources, causing untold harm to our economy, as well as to our health and public safety; and

          WHEREAS, State and Federal Agencies have, through a process commonly known as “sue and settle”, compromised longstanding principles and priorities of beneficial use and stewardship of our natural resources while sacrificing public processes and open government; and

          WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors of the County of Modoc, has come to the realization that the State of California is ungovernable in its present form and the People of Modoc have asked the Board to support this resolution for the Health, Welfare, and Public Safety of the people; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors recognizes that soon after statehood, credible efforts were made to split the state, with 45 proposals by 1998, including the strong Jefferson State movement of 1941 and the election results of

June 2, 1992, when citizens of 27 counties by county advisory votes, voted in favor of splitting the State of California.

          NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY DECLARED that the Modoc County Board of Supervisors desires, with the involvement of our citizens, and hopefully with the involvement of other California Counties within rural California, to withdraw Modoc County from the State of California and Start Over by helping to form a new state which represents the needs, provides opportunity, and protects the rights, liberties, public health, and safety of the people of a new

State of Jefferson; and

          BE IT FURTHER DECLARED that, pursuant to the requirements of Section 3 of Article IV of the United States Constitution, the Modoc County Board of Supervisors requests that the California Legislature approve the withdrawal from the State of California of the lands described below, to be incorporated in a new state along with the lands of other Counties, within or without the current boundaries of the State of California, which Counties declare similar intentions:

The boundaries of Modoc County are as follows:

Commencing at the northeast corner of the State of California; thence west, along the northern boundary line of said State, to the range line between R. 4 and 5 E., M. D. B. & M.; thence due south, on said range line, to the southern boundary line of Siskiyou; thence east along an extension of said southern boundary line, to the state line; and thence north to the place of beginning.

(Added by Stats. 1947, Ch. 424.)

PASSED AND ADOPTED by the Modoc County Board of Supervisors at a regular meeting of said Board held on the 24th day of  September, 2013, by the following vote.




ABSTAIN:                                            ________________________________


                                                             Modoc County Board of Supervisors








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