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   Klamath Basin Views on current green media attacks

There’s Something Fishy in the Media, by Dan Keppen, Family Farm Alliance Executive Director. "...West Coast readers were greeted to newspaper headlines that predict dire times for Pacific salmon fishermen. From Coos Bay to San Diego, newspapers have highlighted a potential decision by federal regulators to put 700 miles of the Pacific coast "off-limits" to Chinook salmon fishing," 3/16/06

Stephanie Bailey, Klamath County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, responds to untruthful green media propaganda that harms the Klamath Basin 3/13/06:

Seattle Post Intelligencer, Seattle Times, and the Oregonian

The Klamath: The Basin, The Bucket and Backbone, by Barbara Hall and Julie Smithson, posted to KBC 3/13/06

The Herald and News got it wrong. The big bucket at the courthouse was about unity and coming together; it wasn't a symbol of conflict in 2001. People came from around the country to aid people in distress. Veterans gathered every day.
The Klamath story: F
ighting Forward...For Us All. Klamath should be remembered for courage of character, by Tim Findley, Range Magazine, published in Winter 2002 edition.
H&N opinion: Time to move past symbol of 2001 conflict? 3/12/06




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