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From the March 9, 2005 Issue of the Klamath Courier:

Words from Webster

Crazy thoughts

In October 2003, the Klamath Courier’s sister newspaper the Pioneer Press began publishing a series of articles exposing some of the most volatile thoughts in our area.


The notion were so outlandish, some thought us crazy.


I had no problems with whatever people thought of me and my newspaper.  It got people talking at the deli and discussing the concepts at the beauty shop.  The general feelings were that Daniel had flipped his lid and the Pioneer Press had most decidedly gone over the edge.


I sat silently, knowing that we had nailed the topic, after all I had been watching, interviewing and quietly researching this for five years.


Say what they may, I knew I was right and knew it was only a matter of time before what we published would be confirmed.


Well sure enough.  We were right.


I’ve decided to begin sharing these concepts with you.  We’re all in the same war.  We have the same enemies.


And there’s no flippin’ way that the pansies at the Herald and News have the guts – for lack of a better word that my mother would not like to see in print – to  put in print what we are about to publish.  For, of course, they wouldn’t want to offend their bed-fellow and partner in crime Felice Pace and his gang of thugs.  It just wouldn’t be appropriate for the H&N to expose their “guest columnist” for what he really is – and it’s not a radical environmentalist, by the way.


So, I intend to introduce you to the concepts slowly, as I don’t want to floor you all at once with such crazy concepts that you run out the door screaming “Stop the insanity.”  (What ever happened to that platinum blond, anyway?)


The basic premise is simple.  You have a billion dollar industry in your back yard that is controlling your land, water, and politics (and daily newspaper, by the way).  I didn’t write million, I wrote billion.  It is the largest, bar none, industry in our area.


To give you an example, in Siskiyou County, which includes Butte Valley and the Tulelake basin, agriculture accounts for $197 million.  This accounts for all livestock, crops and timber.  Ag, which we figure is our largest industry is dwarfed by another industry, the billion dollar cash cow.


It’s drugs, buckaroo.  Simple green stuff.  Marijuana.


Our mountains are producing a billion dollars worth of marijuana.


The most frightening part is that our region’s biggest drug lords, who are in bed with the Mexican mafia (you know, the ones you see in movies, killing people) are the same people who are trying to take away your water and destroy your way of life.


And they have lots of cash.  Illegal cash, mind you, but lots of it.


Sound crazy?


Stay tuned.  You’ll read all about in the pages of the Klamath Courier.  Yes, your weekly newspaper is the only one with enough guts to stand up in the front line and expose the truth.  Our special guest writers John Martinez, Barry Clausen and myself will enthrall you with the details.


By the way, don’t be surprised if some don’t start talking smack about this paper and saying we’re delusional and crazy.  I’ve heard it before and lo and behold those who tend to yell it the loudest seem to know first hand that I’m right on the money.


-  Daniel Webster






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