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  Vote in favor of new KID board members

letter to editor by Bob King, Klamath FAlls, for Herald and News 11/5/13

     The start of this beautiful basin after World Wars I and II was to reward the veterans after each war by giving them parcels of land by a drawing. They were promised they would   never be without water for their farms, and this contract was signed by two presidents.

   We need to have a million veterans march in Klamath Falls to stop all this foolishness and keep our basin green instead of turning it into a dust bowl.

   If we lose our dams it could have ill effects downstream. I remember as a youth hearing news broadcasts telling of farm animals being swept out to sea during wet years.

   Our Water Users Association and KWAPA (Klamath Water and Power Agency) are all appointed. They use our water tax money to go to Washington, trying to give away our water.

   We do not get to vote for them but we do get to vote for the Klamath Irrigation District (KID) board members who appoint them. Since they started to pass the KBRA, my water taxes have increased from $20 to $56. My electricity is up nearly 400 percent. The Klamath Restoration Agreement does not   offer the farmer anything but complete government control. We voted in new Klamath County commissioners who are against the KBRA takeover, now letís get control of our local irrigation board at KID and keep our water and our dams. Vote on Nov. 12: Out with the old, in with the new.



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