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Posted on May 8, 2012

By: Fred Kelly Grant May 8, 2012


NOTE: This post replaces the LaMalfa endorsement posted a few minutes earlier. Why? Because the author still has not developed any digital talent or skill; so he “copied and pasted” the wrong way. PLEASE BELIEVE ME THIS IS THE RIGHT ONE AS ENDORSEMENT FOR DOUG LAMALFA!!

SPECIAL NOTE: I was not asked to endorse Senator LaMalfa by him or anyone supporting him. This is a race that is very important to me because of the decades of work that I have put in to help local governments protect their citizens, and to help landowners throughout the nation. California is special; I have worked with some special people there; they deserve good, sound Tenth Amendment type representation in Congress. And, frankly, I deserve to have Congressmen who truly believe in the Tenth Amendment, and SO DO YOU. Doug LaMalfa is one candidate that I have met and firmly believe will be “one of us” in the next session of Congress, which may be the most critical session since World War II.

Doug LaMalfa for Congressman of California’s First Congressional District—that’s my advice to California voters. I make this endorsement and urge my friends to vote for LaMalfa so that we can add a Congressman who stresses the importance of private property rights—-a Congressman who understands and will protect the Constitutional authority of local governments to meaningfully engage federal agencies to protect citizens’ rights—-a Congressman who believes in a limited federal government and will work to achieve sensible oversight of federal regulatory authority. LaMalfa’s record in the California state senate proves he will be that kind of Congressman.

During the past two years I have spent much time in California’s north state, and have made many friends there. My friends and their neighbors need a strong voice in Congress who will steadfastly work to protect their water rights, to protect them from further regulatory encroachment of their property rights, and to restore the natural resource production that federal agencies have shut down. I have studied LaMalfa’s record in the California state senate, I have talked to him personally and to people he has helped. I have no doubt that he is the only candidate who can AND WILL make the fight and stick with it.

In the state senate he has proven that he understands the full scope and danger of Agenda 21—and the tentacles of that agenda that reach to every property right that our Founders secured for us in the Constitution. Now that Agenda 21 is on citizens’ radars, the real struggle is against the secret spread of its strangulation of the free market system, of individual rights. LaMalfa has proven to have a thorough knowledge of Agenda 21 and how it can be sneaked into federal legislation and agency actions and regulations. That understanding will be critical in this next session of Congress when once again we can expect attacks on individual water rights and on local natural resource economies.

LaMalfa’s knowledge and fortitude come not just from experience in public service—he is an actual farmer, a fourth generation farmer, who knows first-hand how to use money and resources wisely. He knows that as a legislator he must guard against over-spending and over-regulating, because, as a farmer himself, he has felt the impact of legislation. It is important that we have Congressmen who “get it” about the struggle for survival by rural Americans, who is “one of us” in trying to preserve the traditions and culture that have made this nation strong. A real farmer himself, LaMalfa does “get it” and will work hard to return the rural north state to a progressive economy.

His senate record also shows that he is not just an “office legislator”; he gets his hands dirty in his efforts to help constituents in their battle with bureaucrats. He took action to require meetings with the Director of the Department of Fish and Game to resolve issues like the Carver diversion that is well known to north staters. He personally went with Fish and Game personnel to inspect the site in his efforts to resolve the issues. That kind of Congressman we can count on for personal involvement with agencies to resolve issues as to use of water and land rights.

LaMalfa was known for his “open door” policy in the state senate, where he was ready to meet with constituents and discuss their problems—while other legislators’ doors along the halls were closed. His policy was in place because he understands the nature of the issues and is not afraid to discuss them and to act on them. That’s the kind of Congressman we need in DC.

One of the major issues facing the north state is the proposed destruction of the dams on the Klamath River—destruction that makes no common sense, no energy sense, no financial sense. Destruction will not restore the salmon; the destruction of the dams on the Rogue River and the fish deaths resulting from release of heavy metal-filled silt prove that. The government’s studies, paid for by tax dollars, admit that.

Destruction of the dams will cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in decades of projects that will try to restore the salmon habitat. One wonders about the sense of that. If the dams are to be destroyed in order to “return the salmon”, at the cost of hundreds of millions of dollars, then why is it necessary to spend hundreds more millions of dollars for projects to “restore the salmon”? To paraphrase the words of a famous U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Felix Frankfurter used in pointing out the futility of a government proposal, the government will march the troops up the hill in order to march them down again: We will destroy the dams so that we can give hundreds of millions of dollars to select, special interest groups, to use to try to restore what we lose when the dams are destroyed. And, one wonders “why are in a federal debt situation so drastic”?

Doug LaMalfa sees the fundamental flaw in this proposal, and always has!! So does the Secretary of Interior, but it is about the money—this is an opportunity to reward special interest groups for their political support. That’s the kind of extra, superfluous expense that the Congress should stop. LaMalfa, I believe, will be the kind of Congressman who works diligently to stop such costly useless spending!

One of the dams proposed for destruction generates electric power that lights Siskiyou County and much of the north state. It makes no sense to destroy that clean power generator, at a time when the nation desires freedom from middle-eastern oil. It makes no common, energy or fiscal sense. Destruction of the dams is just another example of a federal government run rampant, making decisions for special interests rather than for hard working citizens. Every government study, paid for by tax dollars, now shows that destruction makes no sense.

From day one of the issue, LaMalfa has opposed the destruction. He has neither waivered nor wriggled from that position. As a working farmer, he knows the importance of the dams and the storage of water to late summer farm production; he understands the waste of land that will result from silt devastation. He understands the water rights problems that will result from destruction regardless of what proponents of the “Agreement” say. So, he has steadfastly opposed destruction.

On the other hand, one of his opponents, Sam Aanestad, advocated for destruction. A newspaper article published on September 6, 2009 reported that Aanestad supported a state water bond and intended for it to include enough money to support destruction of the dams, including the hydroelectric generator. Since that time, he has tried to circle the barn and make his support of destruction less obvious. That is a stark contrast between candidates. LaMalfa opposes destruction openly, and has from the very beginning of the discussion.

The dam destruction issue is of pre-eminent importance because Congress has the authority to prevent the destruction, and the First District can help create a House that will vote to block destruction. If LaMalfa is nominated, and then elected, the House will have one more vote to prevent dam destruction.

As a farmer, LaMalfa knows how unnecessarily severe environmental regulations can force a farm owner out of business; he knows that a farm can lose its viability if legislation does not include protection of water and other private property rights. The California Farm Bureau Federation has endorsed him because as a state legislator he fought for property rights and for an increase of the water supply to be available to all Californians. The Farm Bureau President Paul Wengert says: “In these tough economic times and in a contentious political environment, Doug stands up for what he believes in and knows how to get things done. Washington, D.C., could use a dose of clear thinking and solid work ethic from this California farmer.” Amen!!

The Farm Bureau closely watches all members of the state legislature and their work ethic; its endorsement demonstrates that the Federation believes that of the state legislators running for this Congressional seat, LaMalfa is the best candidate. That is a very telling endorsement.

Those who know me, know that I have spent decades working to help local governments implement their authority under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution. In my personal meeting with LaMalfa, he assured me that he recognizes and will work for strengthening the authority of local government and officials, and for limiting the authority of the federal government to interfere in local issues. I looked at him eye to eye, and believed him. That belief is corroborated by his endorsement by the ten north state sheriffs. I well know Sheriffs Dean Wilson of Del Norte and Jon Lopey of Siskiyou, and am proud that I can call them friends. I know OF the other Sheriffs and know that all of them are dedicated to implementing the local law enforcement authority reserved to the counties by the Tenth Amendment. The fact that these men, all of whom know LaMalfa and his opponents, endorsed LaMalfa shows me that they are certain that he will support their efforts and will work to limit the federal government in order to strengthen local government. My belief is also corroborated by the endorsements he has received from elected officials from 14 counties, including Jim Cook and Mike Kobseff of Siskiyou who I know and respect for their hard work in combatting bureaucracy.

From the law enforcement standpoint, LaMalfa has also been endorsed by Crime Victims United because of his dedication as a legislator to assisting law enforcement officers and the victims of crimes. This endorsement together with that of the Sheriffs demonstrates that LaMalfa will be a strong voice for law enforcement and the victims of crime in the House of Representatives. With my background in criminal law, I obviously will endorse a candidate who has the will to stand for good, sound law enforcement—not bowing to the politically correct demands for more consideration for violators.

And, perhaps most important of all, LaMalfa attracts support from young people. For example, the Placer County Young Republicans have endorsed him. The future of this nation is in the hands of youth; only they can return the United States of America to the robust, vital bastion of liberty that it has always been. LaMalfa will be a Congressman with whom young voters and citizens can relate. It is important that we have members of the House who understand youth and their issues, and who can serve to motivate youth to participate in the election and governmental process. The endorsement by young voters demonstrates to me that LaMalfa will indeed be a moving influence on youth.

I recognize that Congressman McClintock has endorsed LaMalfa's opponent Sam Aanestad. I must confess I do not understand that decision. In fact, I am mystified by the endorsement. I respect Congressman McClintock and appreciate his support for local government and delight in the trouble he causes for federal regulatory agencies.

He obviously wants someone from the 1st District to fight the same fight he does. I don’t blame him. But, in my opinion, and in the opinion of the California Farm Bureau, the north state Sheriffs, Crime Victims United, a prominent young republican organization, taxpayer organizations and elected officials from 14 counties, Doug LaMalfa is that man! I agree with them all!

I firmly believe that Doug LaMalfa will be a determined fighter in the battle to stop the loss of rights through Agenda 21 and the Federal Government’s takeover of Rural America. LaMalfa has stood on the front lines in the state senate and unwaveringly fought to protect rural Californians water and property rights. Who could better move that fight to the United States House of Representatives? As a farmer he knows the value of hard work and resource stewardship. As a legislator he knows the value of telling the truth, and avoiding tax and regulatory over-reach—those are virtues we need more of in DC. There is no doubt in my mind that Doug LaMalfa is the best choice for Northern Californians in the 1stCongressional District. I look forward to working with him, for rural Californians and all of rural America for many years to come!




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