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Letter to the editor of KBC

WAYYYY to much money

I read what you wrote, and I like it.  I feel there's so much money coming into the basin ( wayyyy too much money), and the feds and other groups are doing anything they can to just grab some of the money and use it.  I think I read 1 million to prepare to remove Chiloquin dam. Prepare, not to take it out, just to prepare.  Good God, a couple of farmers and a backhoe could have the thing out in two days.

I'm also worried about the nexus we're getting ourselves into here.  Every cent put into the basin by the government brings more regulations and restrictions with it.  And most of the money really doesn't benefit the people of the basin anyway.  Just increased spending by every group or government agency that comes down the road.
Anyway, keep up the good work.





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