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 by Rudy Hiley, 1/27/09

For the critters

On 1/15/2009 an important means of transportation made a forced landing. Let's call that means of transport the Constitution of the United States of America.

It got into trouble because potentially hazardous critters were allowed to not only get in its' path, in some ways and means they were given a superior right-of-way.

The trouble did not come because of a lack of the dedicated and concerned who worked tirelessly to abate the threat. Part of the problem was that the now powerful loved and cherished the wrong things so much that they inadvertently placed the most important things in eminent peril.

As soon as it was cut off, it become apparent to some what the true source of flight sustainability was. Realizing its monumental value they wanted it returned without delay.

Still others believed in the broadest sense that a constitutionally free humanity with its airports and airplanes and cities and bridges, and modem civilization in general,  and the only proven and workable financial philosophy specifically were the problem, not the victim.

In their twisted minds what others saw as impeding disaster, they pragmatically reckoned as necessary and acceptable sacrifice.

Many are thankful that because of the grace of God and skilled, forward thinking, heroic pilots and crews, and the still available brave and ready, survivable landings can be achieved.

One wonders though: How many emergency landings can be attempted before we are forced into a scenario where survivability is no longer possible?

What keeps your plane in the air?

Who's in change of your flight?

Who'll be there to pluck you from the killing flow?

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