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Letter to Lonnie Baley, Malin, from his daughter Hollis

Please send this to anyone you think would be interested in making a donation or anyone simply wishing to know a little more about MS:

    This website has been set up in honor of the 2005 National MS Walk. Our team will be walking in Corvallis on Sunday April 24th. We have a team goal to raise between $200 and $300 which will be put toward the race for the cure to MS.
    As most of you know, my brother, Scott Baley, was diagnosed with MS in
2001. He has been through some us and downs and is currently doing pretty well. His attitude is phenomenal-especially considering all he's been through in the past 3 years. Before graduating from Henley High in June, he will have received 3 chemo treatments, 7 IV injections of some pretty powerful steroids, experiemented with 1 of 5 MS drugs, Betaseron, which he had to inject every other day for about a year, and experienced some pretty scary physical effects-blindness, paralysis, numbness and severe pain. He is so lucky and we are very thankful that none of his symptoms have been permanent! After all of this he still laughs and smiles, goes to school with his head up, plays paintball and computer religiously, and approaches life with a better attitude than most. Meeting Scott, you would have no idea there is anything wrong with him. Scott is an outstanding individual, my little brother, and my hero . Please take a look at this site and know that your thoughts and prayers mean more than anything else in the world!

Thank you,

Hollis Baley

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