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Letter to the editor by Larry Toelle, Ft. Jones, on voting for Siskiyou supervisor


Now that there's a lull in the Klamath dams issue, let's take a moment to reflect, and examine where all of this originated. The attack on the Klamath dams is just another operation launched by the environmental establishment, the latest in a long history of tactical maneuvers, part of a strategy to remove all habitation outside a small corridor along I5. It's not a mystery nor a government conspiracy, it's a well documented and coordinated policy of the far left environmentalists.

Siskiyou County has been under the gun of the environmental left for as long as there has been an environmental movement. The county's losses in mining, logging, recreation, tourism and other natural resource industries is the result. Agriculture is its next victim. Dave Foreman, founder of Earth First, and others were the pot smoking hippies of the 60's, camped out in Takelma having hallucinations of a “better tomorrow.” Today, they sit on the boards of billion buck foundations and institutions spreading the wealth obtained from their extortions, training our youth to become their leaders of tomorrow. The Siskiyous are their training camps.

Universities, home of the leftist cadres, indoctrinate our children, select the brightest, teach them how to disguise policy as science, and turn their trainees loose to occupy positions in government. This summer, like every summer for the past 30 years, we'll see these youngsters come from all over the country on summer break, attend “field training” at the camps around Takelma and the Siskiyous, and return to their universities. While here, they'll be provided all of the pot they can consume, get their indoctrination into a brotherhood whose sole purpose is to protect the planet from the ravages of man, and return to school in the fall to complete their education. The more senior students will be found working as interns, working and learning the bureaucracy, developing their networking skills within the government agencies, NGOs and non-profits, eventually becoming full-time land and fish managers, and policy specialists. Such is the career path for these youngsters.

This stuff isn't rocket science after all, these children aren't seeking industry jobs, they're not medical students, they're not pursuing real science, or engineering careers.  They’re seeking careers in government where they can change the world through policy, policies that raise hell with rural economies. Naively, these children are chasing a vision hallucinated by people old enough to be their grandparents, while believing they're discovering something new. This summer, engage one of these young pups in conversation and see for yourself what they think and believe in.

Next week we're going to elect at least one new County Supervisor, another seat is being hotly contested. These are going to be the folks who sit between the county and the environmental left. They're going to be on the bleeding edge, in the hot seat, where they're going to face these people and defend our future. It's going to take some intellect, some courage, some leadership and a whole lot of energy. This county can not afford to make a mistake. If you're interested in our future here, then please examine the candidates closely, and not just their positions on a particular issue or two. Examine what their experience has been, how they'll hold up to day-in-day-out assault, their ability to see through the static, and most importantly, their ability to manage the county. Nice folks do not necessarily make the best managers, nor do good-hearted people have the intellect to protect our local interests.

The county is going to face many crises over the next two years, dams are only one, a big one, but only one. Economically, we're in for some tough times and there are going to be some tough choices ahead. Let's make sure we have our best on our board.

Larry Toelle

Fort Jones


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