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County administrator will add to bureaucracy

by Gus deVries, Beatty, Herald and News letter to the editor 4/12/14

     Very soon Klamath voters will be asked to decide whether the county should be led by part-time commissioners.

   In your decision making process consider the following. Will a county administrator become another layer of bureaucracy not directly answerable to the public? Will part-time commissioners be able to replace the administrator if he, she becomes overbearing and unreasonable in policy enforcement?

   Who will take the heat in time of a controversy? Part-time commissioners will blame the administrator and the administrator will blame the commissioners. You can vote out commissioners, but you canít vote out an administrator and to replace one will likely cost the county several hundred thousand dollars in severance pay and new recruitment.  

   Do you really want to lose control of the countyís business to another layer of bureaucracy?

   Kate Marquez seems to think that the position will magically attract new business. How can another layer of bureaucracy possibly attract business when the problem now is too much bureaucracy?

   Part-time commissioners would need a second job to support themselves, leaving less time to research problems and would likely become   a rubber stamp for the administrator; weíve seen it before.

   Klamath County is currently under attack by selfish extremists confiscating irrigation water and decimating the agricultural community and county revenue.

   Right now, several hundred productive farms and ranches are subject to go out of business or be reduced to the point they are no longer viable. In 2013, county property tax revenues alone dropped $218,000 due to lower land values caused by an unapproachable state water bureaucracy and governor. This is no time to heap new problems on the pile, letís focus on working to restore jobs, then, and only then, will county revenues improve.


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