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(Klamath) Charter would let commissioners plan

by Bill Kennedy, letter to the editor, Herald and News 9/6/08. Kennedy is a member of Klamath Water Users Association:

   On Nov. 4 citizens of Klamath County have a great opportunity to move forward in a positive direction for our future.
   The November ballot includes the Citizens initiative to charter a new form of county governance (Ballot Title18-69).
   We will have a government designed to plan ahead. The expanded board of commissioners will be tasked with strategic planning for the future.
   The budgetary and financial disclosures will be required to be transparent to the voters. The county will have to get the permission of the voters to increase any taxes or fees. Please read the charter at www.klamathcharter. com.
   Instead of being indecisive about the federalization of our county by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, our charter commissioners will be able to focus on alternatives to a draft Klamath River Restoration Plan and a brighter direction for our future.
   The charter commissioners will devise alternate plans to deal with the loss of federal payments in lieu of timber tax revenue. The charter commissioners will lead us to a locally based land use planning process that is better than what our state offers us. This leadership we can vote for will encourage investment in our children’s education instead of financing prisons.
   This is an opportunity to change our board of commissioners from career politicians to responsible leaders. Instead of being overwhelmed with the daily function of the county business, our commissioners will spend their time overseeing a professional business manager. They will spend their time responding to the actual needs of county citizens. Respected, responsible, dedicated and visionary, charter commissioners.
   Please vote for leadership instead of those interested in making a career out of the same old commissioner positions. Please vote for the citizens charter initiative ballot item number 18-39. Please vote for charter commissioners.
   W.D. Kennedy
   Klamath Falls
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