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Ag Alert, California Farm Bureau Federation--a firsthand report from California Farmers, March 2004, by Tulelake rancher Dan Byrne.

We are in the middle of calving season here in the Klamath Basin.  The signs are everywhere: freezing rain, packs of coyotes, straw wagons sliding down hillsides, gangs of new calves racing around everywhere.

The all-consuming fears about water deliveries and mad cows fade into the background when we see a determined, stumbling calf get up and nurse within minutes of birth. After they calve, we catch each calf and apply an identification eartag and check that all is OK with mother and baby.  We haven't noticed any mad cows, but a couple of protective ones got our attention.

Other than that everyone is going to meetings trying to sort out what will be next year's ratio of farming vs. satisfying biological opinions.

It won't be long until some brave soul gets really stuck trying to get some winter grain planted.




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