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by Rudy Hiley, Tulelake, November 24, 2004

Things haven't changed much over the centuries, unbalanced fears over mankind's impact on nature have occasionally incited otherwise rational folk to throw virgins into volcanoes etc. Are we more civilized now? Probably not, fearful offerings to the Great Weather Uncertainty Mystery now include entire communities and economies, not to mention the lives that surround them.

Chris Columbus was no stranger to funky science either. It seemed that his quest for financial backing was all too often thwarted by men in tights whispering scary science things into to the ears of world leaders. Back then, some of the minds of science were lofted to the close proximity of Royals, by riding the frightening and widely held scientific view of the day; "the world is flat and if you sail too close its edge you will fall to your doom!" Let's call that the NON- GLOBAL THEORY. There were other and quite superior hypothesis out there (as we now know), yet the flat-line horror thing got most of the attention.

When C. C. got back from the New World, it didn't take long for those in authority to estimate what emotional science had cost they and their countrymen. You could say that their hypothesis, as well as their heads sort of got away from them. In the end, propaganda always seems to go to someone's head, then someone else's, one way or another.

Today, fearful reaction to the GLOBAL WARMING HYPOTHESIS affects just about everyone on the planet. It enters trade, commerce, sociology, politics, education, agriculture, mining, fishing, law, world meetings, transportation, planning codes, public land acquisition, the USDA's plans to turn your farm into a commune (search out: Defining Community Supported Agriculture) and religion. Some say G Warming may be a religion unto its self; since it takes a heap of blind faith to ignore just enough good science to fully accept it as the big threat. When you apply a little Christopher Columbus experience and logic, G Warming fear makes about as much sense as the FLAT GLOBE hype! Bear in mind now, not all scientists sign onto it, we have and have had many dedicated men and woman of science out there who do not specialize in political science or science fiction, as they are not social scientists or philosophers; they are just scientists. Their voices have been drowned out though. As it turns out, like in the Klamath Basin, some of the politically scientific seek to prove their ideas to be fact no matter what the cost, while others allow the facts to examine, refute, form, redefine and drive their hypothesis process. It is the same old conflict between form and substance, not to mention pride and prejudice.

Here are a few things to consider the next time some sensitive type on television sacrifices your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness to GLOBAL WARMING TERRORISM:

The whole warming thing started when the LAST OF NUMEROUS Ice Ages were ending! It began naturally, and overall it has been progressing pretty well ever since, save for the Mini Ice age of the 11th and 12th centuries and some other cooling episodes along the way. Places like Iraq were garden paradises early on when things started-a-meltin. Eventually the once frozen regions became lush and fertile and the Cradle of Civilization became a dry wasteland. Glaciers - after all of that carving and scraping they taught you about in the OLD school, melted away and dropped their rocky cargo. Then the exalted green things began to take root.  No, don't let someone in a white jacket with a butterfly net blame the current climate variance overwhelmingly on people, cows, SUV's, greenhouse gasses or discount retail chains.  Things can even change when there isn’t a human factor.  Since the polar caps have been totally deiced and totally frozen before, the main fly in their hypothetical ointment may be that the earth is still just doing what it does, after ice ages are finishing up.  Just keep thinking about 1492 and what it was that tried so hard to keep C.C, from GOING ABOUT HIS BUSINESS and sailing the ocean blue.

Don't let anyone tell you that changes and cycles are not natural. Back in OLD school again, we were taught how (from the perspective of the Northern Hemisphere anyway) populations of animals and humans pushed further north AS THE CLIMATE MODERATED AND THEN RETREATED FURTHER SOUTH WHEN THE CLIMATIC CYCLE COOLED THINGS DOWN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Life and nature run like a hills and valley cardiograph; only a flat line means trouble. If the REALITY of cycles is not fully integrated into SELLING the global warming theory, it becomes hopeful philosophy or a hypothesis, not reasonable science.  After all, one of the dominant and inescapable constants in nature is change, and that applies strongly to temperature since it NEVER HAS AND NEVER WILL REMAIN THE SAME!

The atmosphere is thinning, the atmosPHERE IS THINNING. Oh really? Back to OLD school again:  The earth is an oblong sphere, squished down at the poles and pouched out at the equator. It is kind of like a spinning water balloon.  The globe turns on a 23.5 degree tilted axis at an approximate speed of 1040 miles per hour. Now, as it is spinning all the way around each day (oh yeas, we actually have a VARIATION causing wobble in the axis), it screams through space at somewhere around 18.5 miles per second -like a navy bean shot out of a 1000# cannon. As it zips along, it travels in an oblong loop (which actually wobbles a bit as well) around an erratically and inconsistently (VARIABLY) exploding 27,000 degree Fahrenheit or so star called the Sun. It doesn't get much closer than 93,000,000 miles or so, remember we are wobbling so we naturally get closer and further from the big fire now and then. The solar system that we are in, is located near the edge of one of the spiral arms of the Milky Way, and our solar system orbits around the MW at about 155 miles per second and completes its orbit every 200 million years or so. Is the Milky Way stationary? With that, you can appreciate the gravity of all of forces that come to bear on the earth that may have an effect on it etc. Did you know that the wonderful display, which we call the Northern Lights, is actually caused by the friction, impact and collision of our atmosphere with space?  So please consider the possibility that because everything is moving, it is impossible to have the same atmospheric level at the poles as the equator.  The atmosphere has to be thinner at the poles.  The only way to correct it would be to keep the earth from spinning and orbiting - flat line.

Back to school, remember the ring of fire? That is the sort of line of volcanoes that wraps one and a half times around the GLOBE. Now, if you want to keep your stock tank or fishpond from freezing, you throw a heater in and it changes the temperature. You know that, still some scientists don't think that constantly erupting volcanoes under the sea can influence the temperatures of the big blue/GREEN.  They would like to blame El Meano and E1 Nasty on you instead!  It really makes wonder what in the El they are thinking!  After all, the ocean accounts for over 70 % of the earth's surface and it has some similarities with the most common of all greenhouse gasses - that's right---oxygen,  aaachTwoOOOOO (HtwoO ya know)!  Air is pretty scary if you never go outside.  So consider this, when you hear the whinny whimpers about oceanic temperatures bringing us to doom and damnation, ask why they don't they bring undersea volcanic eruptions and flows into the mix? The next time you hear from E1 Meano or El Nasty don't get mad though, the poor darlings may just be suffering from EL Denial.

Back to elementary school again:  Remember when your teacher placed those water glasses on her desk?  One was filled with plain old water and the other with ice. They started out at the same level, but when the ice melted there was a bunch less water in the formerly frozen vessel!  The next time they try to keep your kinds scared awake at night with the Flooded Water World Melted Polar Caps Hype, ask why don't they bring that BASIC fact of natural science into the mix?  It would be nice if they at least mentioned the effect of ice to water volume displacement.  Wouldn’t it?  If that doesn't amount to much, they could still confess the (should be) common knowledge about the existence of all of those ancient cities found way deep under the water.  Yes, even though some towns and cities went under way back when, we still have cities today; a little higher up on the bank maybe, but cities all the same.  I still wonder what would happen if all the ice did melt.  Would there be enough water, after volume displacement, to put us back into the Ark business?  But alas, those perplexing questions will not likely come up, as there is no power in a fear put to rest. Heck, at the current rate, even if progressive warming continued (what ever the cause), I could still move faster than melting ice.  Fear not!

Is carbon dioxide all that bad?  Sure, it is one of the greenhouse gasses – way, way, way, way less prevalent than oxygen though.  Yet you can’t grow anything in greenhouse without carbon dioxide.  B T School again – people, animals and the like breath in the oxygen that growing things give off, after they take in carbon dioxide that we exhale and on and on– photosynthesis and all of that natural cycle stuff.  Experimental forests grow about 1/3 faster and healthier when carbon dioxide is pumped directly into their environ, that’s just how good it is for green things.  Yes, burning fuel does create a bunch of the same stuff that plants and trees make.  Maybe we should cut down more trees to sort offset things, you know; shave the earth to save the earth..  Seriously though, we have been making more greenhouse gasses in the world.  Sadly the USA seems to have been getting cleaner and clearer all along without much praise or notice, which is kind of El Meano  Still, when it comes to Greenhouse Gasses I am suspicious as I don’t feel that we always hear the whole story.  Besides that, atmospherics are only part of the mix.  The earth is set upon by the forces of gravity, the heavens, the sun, the sea, magnetic fields, and all of the interrelationships of the NATURAL CYCLE THAT THEY ALL EXPERIENCE.  To look at everything from the standpoint of one discipline is a bit 1492ish.

Finally the sun!  It has storms and cycles and belches and novas and super novas and sun spots and has the occasional cyclic lack of same.  It emits radiation, ultraviolet light, heat, magnetism and on and on.  Because we wobble we are not always even with it.  Observers of the past have linked weather cycles with sun spots.  Others have noted more intense (than would be expected) earth reaction to magnetic emissions from the sun.  Heck, the poles have been known to actually switch!  Still, those of the atmospheric scientific perversion harshly and repugnantly denounce any strong and singular affect that the sun could have on our weather patterns.  I have personally found that when we ignore the sun we sort of get burnt.

All in all, we seem to be held hostage by the widely held, or should I say the most media excited science like THEORY of the day.  Oddly enough, it has seemed to have been tremendously helpful in the advancement of global Marxism’s anti-corporate, anti-business, anti-profit, anti-industrialist, anti-SUV, anti-private land ownership, anti-any private ownership of anything and tear it all down and give it to the masses agenda, as well.  That should keep you awake at night!

In closing, I feel that it is right, true and fair that turkeys fear GOBBLE WARMING!

Rudy Hiley

Jefferson Nation Common Sense Conservancy

Hillary’s Village (Tulelake), CA





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