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Known him long time; Proud he’s a friend

Herald and News 3/23/08, letter to editor by John and Kathy Nowaski, Klamath Falls

   We have many times thought we should write a letter to the editor on a variety of subjects. This time, we feel so strongly, that we must respond to the vitriolic commentary made concerning Commissioner Bill Brown.
   We’ve known Bill for more than 30 years, from when he worked as a welder to his service as curriculum director for the county schools to his efforts on starting Klamath Community College.
   We joined him when he coached Little League baseball. Our oldest son was one of his assistants. We voted for him for commissioner.
   We have never seen Bill raise his voice in anger at anyone.
   We can only imagine the frustration and futility Bill sees at the waste that occurs within our county government. Bill works for us, his friends and constituents.
   If Bill got confrontational with any person, that person must have been wasting time or funds.
Bill would not have called them on anything unless they were not doing their jobs. Treasurer Mike Long should know that carrying a tape recorder can work both ways, as it just might prove Bill is right.
Apparently the situation has gone beyond repair, and there probably won’t be a positive resolution or discontinuation of animosity between the commissioners anytime soon.
We want everyone to know that we believe in Bill and we are proud to call him a friend.

John and Kathy Nowaski Klamath Falls

No bad-mouthing; say good things, 3/24/08

   I’ve always been told “If you can’t say anything nice about a person, don’t say anything at all.”
   In regards to all the negative comments in the paper about Klamath County Commissioner Bill Brown, perhaps these people should take these words to heart and live by them. Shame on you for trying to smear a good man just because he’s in the public eye. Is everyone going to get on the bandwagon now and speak ill of such a good person?
   Brown, as I know him, is a really good and likable guy, always smiling, happy and jovial. Are we talking of two different people? I don’t think so.
   Enough of the bad-mouthing! Let’s all say something nice about people.
Connie Gastaldi Klamath Falls
Two ganged up on the new guy, 3/24/08

   Many thanks to our esteemed State Sen. Doug Whitsett and others who wrote kind letters regarding intelligent commissioner Bill Brown.
   I met his wife-to-be when we both worked at the Herald and News. After she said proudly she was going to marry Bill Brown, I told my husband “He’s really intelligent if he’s chosen her for a wife.”
   Not only is Dawnn an excellent employee, but she also flies a plane and served in the Air Force. My apologies to her and her husband for voting for the other commissioners — a mistake I’ll never make again.
   At the time, I thought I had voted for three mature commissioners and was thunderstruck when two of them began behaving like teenagers ganging up on the “new guy in school.”
   I’m so sorry they treated Brown so cruelly — even after he had a heart attack. (Probably during meetings behind closed doors so the staff wouldn’t know why he became so angry.)
   Do you remember how angry our citizens became when Elliott and Switzer first became commissioners? I disapproved of everything they did and approved of everything Brown did.
   I learned a great lesson while reading about the three commissioners in the Herald and News: Elliott and Switzer were only interested in what they wanted whereas Brown followed President Lincoln’s method: “Of, by, and for the people.” Which one would make the best commissioner?
In conclusion: 11 Samuel 23: “He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.”

Jeri Cook Klamath Falls



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