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Sent: Thursday, December 23, 2004 6:26 AM
Subject: damage to wildlife in 2001

My name is KT   'Heart in Tulelake' when I post on the discussions.
I am involved opposing a project here in Ventura County, (www.matilijadam.org) they want to take a dam out so the steelhead trout can swim up stream. In doing so we will be loosing water and water storage and in their EPA it states that they will be disturbing or killing, directly or indirectly, 807 species of plants and wildlife, 15 endangered and 25 sensitive in doing the project over a 7 to 10 year period of time.  This seems to be fine because a FISH will get to swim 7 miles more up stream.
Do you have any archives of the damage done to the wildlife when the water was taken?  I know Mom has said that they now have predators coming into their yard for animals because their food chain has been disrupted.  And the migration of the birds has really been hurt.
Thanks, any help would be appreciated...it is like talking to a wall when you bring up problems involved with what they are doing for a cost $123,000,000, this is based on Oct 2004 cost.
Yes I get daily postings from your sight it is great and is very informative...people from the forum even help by telling me ways to fight this.
Hi KT,
I think you and I emailed about your situation a while back.  Have you or anyone built a website regarding your situation?  I think that is a good way to expose the insanity and all the gov't agencies will take notice. The website would be by the people, not the agencies or conservancies.
I do not know if the FWS has specifically studied the waterfowl catastrophic effects from 2001...since they sued to take away our water, I'm sure they wouldn't want facts on the decimation it caused. You might contact the FWS service here though. Other than that I do not know of any studies...isn't that bizarre?!
Do you have any other people that have the same concerns as you? I know it is not the 'in' thing to have common sense these days...the mantra...save an 'endangered' fish sounds more loudly than '807 species will die'...people don't want to hear that. Like, fires in OR and CA have killed more spotted owls than the obliteration of logging and the timber communities....but, 'logging' doesn't SOUND green, thus it isn't, right? Makes me crazy.
If I hear of a study I will tell you.
Good hearing from you.






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