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People need to know about San Joaquin Valley

Herald and News Letter to the Editor by  Nyla MacGregor, Klamath Falls 10/7/09
    Don’t you remember 2001 in Klamath Falls? Or aren’t you listening?

    Most of Klamath Falls’ people are not aware that the San Joaquin Valley (breadbasket of the world) is drying up.

    The government in Washington, D.C., has cut off the water in order to save the fish — fields drying up, people in bread lines, parched land, destitute people. Repetition of Klamath Falls in 2001.

    I lived in California in 2001, but my two sons were, and are, residents of Klamath Falls. They kept me informed of the devastation created in favor of the fish.

    Unless the public watches Fox News (47), people aren’t aware and you, as a newspaper, neglect to tell us what is happening.

    Over 50 mayors have signed, the governor has interceded, yet “our paper — your paper” doesn’t inform us of what is going on.

    This is not slandering Republican or Democrat; it’s the fact that our government does not intercede in spite of pleading. Let the people go hungry — let land go barren.. It’s “humans vs. fish.”
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