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9/2/07, Responses to KBC regarding Michael Kisielewski letter:  

(from KBC, retired EPA biologist, senator staff, and Claudia Wise, physical scientist retired

Michael from KBC,

Perhaps you should visit the Klamath Basin before you come to such radical conclusions and claim to be an educated "consultant." We were born and raised here, and we know of no "...major industrial agricultural corporations" here that you claim "...are responsible for ruining the health and viability of the Klamath River Basin." We are family farmers and ranchers. Many of our parents and grandparents fought in the World Wars, and were given the opportunity to win homesteads in gratitude of their service. Then they served their country the rest of their lives by growing food for a hungry nation. The President of the United States signed their deeds which included water appurtenant to that land for them and their heirs forever. 30' of water used to be in a vast lake in this closed basin where our homes and farms are now. We stored only 2 1/2 acre feet of water per acre for our family farms and the rest is diverted into the Klamath River.

Regarding our references to "God" and "Christianity", we will never ever apologize for our faith in Him. He gave us life, and blessed us with this beautiful country where we live and farm and raise our children. Our people honor Him and honor their country. He is "the way, the truth, and the life," so we have no intention of leaving Him off of our website.

Our biological opinions, used to shut off water that we stored for irrigation, used a scientist contracted by the Bureau of Indian Affairs to witness against Project Irrigators in water adjudication with the tribes; this "science" was used to shut down Project irrigation, our community was not allowed at the table, and there was no peer review. Our country's highest peer review, the National Research Council, said that science was flawed and the shut-off was "unjustified" and lake level and river flow management is not justified in propagating endangered suckers, coho, or preventing fish from dying of diseases. According to the Chairman of the committee William Lewis, there is no bias or agendas by these respected scientists.

Thank you for sharing your opinions, and the best of luck with your consulting business,

KBC Editors


To KBC regarding Michael Kisielewski's letter,

Sorry!  I found my first reaction was the I was laughing out loud.  I cannot remember the last time something struck me in this way.  This "Michael" is certainly a self absorbed, pompous ass!.  However, I think it is understandable.  It requires someone with that sort of personality to talk down to the "little people" that he so sorely feels for because of our low level of intellect, education, and common sense relative to his and that of his liberal/socialist cronies.

I have stated this before...you are doing something right to get under the skin of these liberal/socialists that the feel impelled to provide you with these unsolicited negative responses.

Please keep up the great job you are performing for your friends, neighbors, business men and women, and all concerned citizens that care about the future of the Klamath River Basin and its residents, businesses, friends, and visitors. 

Michael just cannot stand the idea that you provide an honest, balanced other side of the issue.  That is of course what the liberal/socialists are all about....the often repeated lies in the media.  I suggest he look to his own side and apply the same evaluation he applied to your site.  I believe his biases will not allow him to do so in any honest, fair, open, or balanced fashion.

He stated, "
I empathize with the plight of small, local family farmers who have experienced losses due to the curbing of their access to irrigation water."  If you have a folder labeled "BULLSHIT" that is where this belongs.  These people do not care about what is happening to the individuals that are impacted.  They are elitists and believe they are right based on the knowledge that they are superior to those dumb farmers, fishermen, miners, and all those citizens that work hard for a living while getting their hands dirty doing so.

Retired EPA biologist JG



"This individual represents all that is wrong with the "science consultants" of the Klamath Basin and their thought processes. He is full of venom"

Staff member of Oregon Senator



I think this guy is so full of himself he can't see two feet in front of him.

Regarding Michael's comments about activism, "Moreover, I take personal offense to your apparent equating of “environmental groups” as “radical” or “radical activists.”  My  personal feeling  is that he is right in that they are not radical activists and definitely NOT environmentalists.  What they are is radical obstructionists plain and simple.  Their goals are not to save the environment for all us dumb Jane and John doe public.  They are in the racket of making money at our expense.

I'd add a new menu item to your site with comments from folks with no inkling of what common sense is or how to use it.   This guy obviously has an elitists concept; Michael has the nose in the air snotty narrow focused attitude of an academic PhD.

Claudia Wise, physical scientist retired

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