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Linthicum: 'I will support' stateís natural resources

Dennis Linthicum

  • My name is Dennis Linthicum. I was elected by the people of District 28, during the May primary, as their Republican and Independent candidate because of my strong stance against government waste, debt and overspending.

    My wife, Diane, and I moved our family to Klamath County over 20 years ago. We love our rural community, the beautiful landscapes that surround us and the opportunities that abound in rural Oregon. My bachelorís degree in economics was earned at UCLA. I also hold a Masterís degree from BIOLA University.

    My experience as a former Klamath County commissioner, rancher and small business owner has given me extensive insight into Oregonís needs. My large-scale experience in software development and production management as a former VP for a Fortune 500 company has prepared me to be a strong and vigilant supporter for Oregonís future.

    I have a deep appreciation for the mechanics of free-market principles and private property rights as well as how we, together, can solve our communityís concerns using those principles. However, endless government overreach in land, water, timber and mineral resource management is hampering our ability to live out these values.

    Federal mismanagement and ceaseless litigation have destroyed giant swaths of public and private lands. The results have been lost jobs, public land closures, arid watersheds and spoiled wilderness. I will strive to protect you and your land from government overreach and re-store local control to rural Oregon.

    I will oppose unnecessary tax and fee increases, fight government red tape and bureaucracy, and demand accountability in government spending. Pork barrel programs, endless ďemergencyĒ legislation and Democrat partisanship have left Salem malfunctioning.

    We need to get government out of the way so families and small businesses can grow and prosper. Itís long past time that Salem listened to everyday Oregonians.

    Using wisdom and free market principles, we can affect positive change in how we manage our economy. District citizens and their families, love this land and must be heard. Salem needs to be called to account for its wasteful spending and ineffective leadership.

    Political correctness is running amok in Salem. I will stand up for your constitutional rights to assemble and to speak freely regarding politics, religion, freedom, liberty or any other topic of discussion. Our right to own and bear firearms must not be infringed.

    My legislative priorities include curtailing needless spending, government growth and bureaucratic intervention. Take, for instance, Measure 97. Authored, sponsored and promoted by state employee unions, the plan is to raise $6.2 billion in new taxes. Consumers will bear the cost for this enormous, hidden sales tax and few will see any benefit.

    Measure 97 collects tax revenue for the General Fund with no requirement to solve education, health care, transportation or PERS funding shortfalls. It amounts to billions in slush-fund money.

    I will support Oregonís natural resources, agriculture and energy infrastructure. I am opposed to the plan to destroy the Klamath River dams because it is an agenda-driven initiative which destroys viable infrastructure without re-addressing their original purposes including low-cost power generation, recreation, and river flow control.

    The dam removal plan simply represents another example of political control destroying productive capacity. Bad science and political momentum are used to squash and belittle rational discussions about common-sense alternatives. Unfortunately, bad science doesnít solve real problems. I promise to hold fast to valid scientific inquiry and the values that we share: individual liberty and the right to live out our lives as part of the American dream.

    Government must be constrained by our constitution. We owe it to ourselves and to our children and grandchildren to check the growth of this bloated bureaucracy before it is too late.

    Senate District 28 needs a strong candidate who will support common-sense, constitutionally limited government and your individual, unalienable rights. I will represent all of the hard-working people, families, employers and employees of Oregon with care and dedication. You deserve to be heard in Salem, and I am honored by the opportunity to ask for your vote to allow me to represent you.

    I am endorsed by the NRA, Oregon Firearms Federation PAC, AG-PAC, National Federation of Independent Business, Oregon Right-to-Life and the legislative watchdog, Tax-payer Association of Oregon.

    Together, we can make our community prosperous and resilient.










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