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They could have filed if they had wanted to

  •  by Ruth Gibbs, Klamath Falls , Herald and News
  • Sour grapes, nave sincerity or a scam?

    Al Switzer and Todd Kepple claim to be Republican, yet we have never seen Kepple, and Switzer has not attended a meeting in years. Kepple registered Republican the end of March, after filing deadline.

    He was registered unaffiliated or Democrat since 2001. Hmmm, weak as a Republican. Yet Kepple and Switzer feel cheated because they could not file? This is the USA. They could have if they wanted.

    Sounds like sour grapes? Angry because they did not get the nomination and would have to work to get elected? They tried write-in and lost.

    Now, Switzer says he will caucus with the Republicans if he gets elected as a Democrat? Who said? Al naively has the idea that he can waltz in and say here I am.

    Evidently he does not know that if he gets elected as a Democrat, he will tip the power to the Democrats as a super majority?

    Will the newly elected Republican caucus accept him? And the Democrats? They would control all committee assignments for the next two years because of what Al did. They do not have to assign him to any committees and for two years he could be doing nothing to serve our interests in Salem. How naive is that?

    Al and Todd will be on the ballot as Democrats. Many do not read the voter pamphlet and vote straight Democrat. Is that not lying to Democrats?

    Is that not scamming the public? Is the Democrat Party laughing up their sleeve if this is nave sincerity? Have they used grudges and hard feelings (sour grapes) to (scam) trick Al and Todd into democrat on the ballot? careful voters. think before you vote. You might not like what you get.

    I will vote for two endorsed, safe Republicans Dennis Linthicum and Werner Reschke.

    Ruth Gibbs

    Klamath Falls


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