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Herald and News letter to the editor by Laura and Loren Little, Chiloquin 10/2/16

We keep reading all this sanctimonious whining about how the Whitsetts stole the election and Todd Kepple and Al Switzer are going to save the day. So these two heroes are Republicans dressing up as Democrats in order to run for state senator and state representative, respectively. Our very own duplicitous political cross dressers.

I understand Todd Kepple is a moderate and that must be true as it seems the progressive liberals are endorsing him. That in itself is scary.

The far left loves a moderate Republican. Moderate Republicans start in the center and end up left when they experience any pressure. We need someone who holds conservative values and will stand up for them. Dennis Linthicum is that man.

He is very intelligent, articulate and has the strength of character to hold his own in a legislative body that is predominately far left.

Al Switzer’s signs say he is the “principled conservative.” Maybe, but he lacks the political courage to use these traits. Switzer was Klamath County Commissioner just before all the financial woes for Klamath County become known. Financial difficulties are generated over time, not overnight. Switzer had plenty of time to stop the budgetary bleeding during his tenure, but failed to do so. He didn’t have the political courage to say “no” to unnecessary programs.

Switzer was commissioner when the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement and dam removal became an issue. Again, Switzer didn’t have the political courage to stand for or against it. Switzer has proved more than once that he cannot make the hard choice. Let’s give the opportunity to someone who can.

We are going to cast our vote for Dennis Linthicum and Werner Reschke.

Laura and Loren Little




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