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Letter by Marty Holter, Sprague River, 1/30/04

Here's a common-sense solution:

1.  Build dikes higher on Klamath and Agency lakes.

2.  Dredge lakes in certain areas or completely.

3.  Build reservoirs upstream on larger rivers.

This will equal water for all including fish.  It will also create jobs and better recreation, and it is a long-term solution to our water problem.  It will help the tourism in our area.  The lakes will have colder, fresher water.  Boating and water sports would be better.  I have heard of the days when ice sailing was so popular at Agency Lake.

Another way to have better tourism would be the forgotten ski resort.  This area needs that badly.  And these are just common sense ideas.

Marty Holter

Sprague River




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