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Mandatory Ranch Management Plan illegal and unconstitutional

letter from Mark Baird, Scott Valley rancher and commercial pilot

Hi all,

This program is illegal and unconstitutional and is simply another attempt by yet another agency to gain money and power. Do people who irrigate their lawns in Los Angeles need permits? Is there a presumption of guilt which necessitates the permit to discharge waste from every water user in the water shed? Where is the historical evidence to suggest that any one of us is discharging waste at any given moment. Are we discharging waste all year round, even though we do not receive water for more than a couple of months? Is rain considered a non point source pollution now. Do all of the Tar and Gravel roofs of all of the factories in California have a permit to discharge the rain water which falls upon their properties. Do all of the people of California have permits for that matter? The Fourteenth Amendment guarantees us equal protection under the law. Where in the Constitution does the State have permission to control land which it does not own through a ranch management plan, which by its very existence invites scrutiny and possible modification or disapproval by some appointed body. Sounds like Communism to me.

Here is my ranch management plan: I will do whatever I want on the property which I own and pay for.


I will not obtain this illegal permit to farm. Nor will I submit any ranch management plan to anyone EVER!!!




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