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6/19/07.     From a Klamath miner regarding Karuk bill to shut down suction dredge mining in CA

This is a bill that the Karuks Tribe got Assembly woman Louis Wolk to sponsor. It would effectively shut down all suction dredge mining in California and place the burden of proof of "no harm" on each suction dredger before they could get a permit. I spent two days this week in Sacramento visiting senators individually with our lobbyist.

The effect of this bill on private property rights is astounding. It would be comparable to a person owning a farm being told that he cannot plant on his land, or a homeowner being told they cannot live in their house. Mining claims are private property in every sense of the words.

Time is short on this one, it goes up to the senate resources committee for a vote on June 26th.  

We are trying to get as many people as we can to write to Senators.

This will give you a short overview.

This one has the information and the form letter that people can send.

This one is the Karuk plea for help.

This is a list of clickable links to legislators. Click on any or all to send an email to them. This issue will be voted on in the Senate Resources Committee on June 26th. http://www.sen.ca.gov/~newsen/senators/senators.htp

Thanks for your help.

Jim Foley,

Miner and property rights advocate


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