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Group files petition to stop Karuk Tribe from fishing Klamath River

By Ron Brown, KDRV
March 4, 2009
An ongoing battle between miners, ranchers, loggers, and Native Americans over uses of Klamath River water is taking a new turn.
On Monday, a coalition made up of miners and others who have been the target of Karuk efforts to limit Klamath River use filed a petition with the California Fish and Game Department to stop Karuk Tribe members from operating a dip-net fishing site on the lower Klamath River.
The petition says natives have no legal right to take salmon while at the same time alledging fish kills from other river users.
In a response, Karuk officials called the petition vengeful, and suggested the action is retribution for recent lawsuits to stop suction dredge mining.
They say only about 200 fish a year are taken at the dip-netting site near Sommes Bar.



Karuk killing of salmon

The Karuks have no federal fishing right on the Klamath, they have unregulated fishing that they brag about. In an LA Times article, "tribal leader Leaf Hillman is quoted to explain why the fish aren’t counted: “Then it would have to come out of someone’s allocation somewhere,” said Leaf Hillman, the tribe’s natural resources director. “No one talks about it because no one wants to deal with it.' " However, the tribes have continually sued to shut down suction dredge mining which has not killed even one fish. Karuk spokesman Craig Tucker was formerly with Friends of the River, an international group bent on dismantling the American infrastructure...removing hydropower dams, and the tribe sued PacifiCorp until they made it virtually impossible to continue licensing the Klamath hydro dams that serve 70,000 customers. Karuk spiritual leader/vice president Hillman beat his wife over the head with a beer bottle and left her bleeding. The tribal people (not leaders) have signed petitions against the lawsuits and dam removal agenda of their leaders they feel are corrupt. So I say hoorey for the politically incorrect miners for standing up for their rights and calling Karuks on their lawless fishing while the Karuks sue all other resource users into submission. Miners, farmers, loggers, and fishermen are not inferior races, regardless of the media and laws claiming otherwise.

It looks to me like the

It looks to me like the miners, rancher and loggers are just employing the same tactics as the Karuks. Good for them!
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