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Proposed Calif. bill would ban suction dredge mining

By Mike Nelson April 16, 2009, KDRV
SACRAMENTO, Calif. - A California State Senator has introduced legislation that would ban suction dredge mining on California's Klamath River and other waterways.
SB 670 would end the practice of suction dredge mining within riverbeds, lakes, and streams without an environmental impact study.
Senator Patricia Wiggins (D) says the California Department of Fish and Game is not doing enough to protect fish in the Klamath. She says the agency is caving into political pressure by the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors. Wiggins argues that dredge mining kills fish. She has the support of the Karuk tribe, who want it stopped until its environmental affects are fully understood.
"What we're asking for is a moratorium on suction dredge mining until the appropriate scientific reviews have been done to determine what are the impacts to fish," says Karuk Tribe Spokesperson Craig Tucker.
Hobby miners, meanwhile, say they welcome additional studies. They say dredge mining doesn't harm fish or habitat. They say the CDFG regulates all mining in the state, and that miners are not in the river during critical times.
Miners also say they pump money into the rural Siskiyou County economy. However, Wiggins, tribes, and environmentalists say that is a drop in the bucket compared to the revenue that could be generated by sport or commercial fishing opportunities that a healthier river would provide.
The bill heads to committee April 28th.


Can Wiggins hear what she is saying?

To quote the statement, "the California Department of Fish and Game is not doing enough to protect fish in the Klamath."
If their concern is to protect the fish, shouldn't they stop ALL fishing in/on the river, including that done by the Indians (Karuks) until they find out why the population is declining?
Is there any oversight on how much fish is taken from the river by the Krooks?
I watched a show a year or two back about a lake that is closed to fishing, except for a tribe of Indians. But the only time the Indians are allowed to fish, is on a specific day, and with strict supervision so that the lake is not over fished. They are limited to x amount of fish, or x pounds of fish, I can't remember which.
I think that ALL fish removed from the river should be logged, so as to be sure that the Indians aren't the cause of the declining fish population.

Also in this article is seems to me that they (Wiggins, tribes, and environmentalists) want to eliminate a working, viable income stream, (in a remote area that doesn't have many choices for employment/income) for the SLIM chance that in the future the fish population will ever get to the point that it can be introduced as a superior income stream to what they CURRENTLY HAVE.
It's like quitting your job today because you think your going to win the lottery 10 years from now...

This article highlights the problem with today's society. Even the economy. Greed. They all want it for themselves.
I say let the miner use some of the river, let the fishermen fish some of the river, let the Karuks take x amount of fish from the river, and let the rafters/boaters use some of the river.

Stop this "it's all mine" attitude. SHARE, just like your mother (should have) taught you.

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