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They're liars
Pioneer Press January 21, 2009, Letter To the Editor by Jerry West, Scott Valley

This is regard to the Karuk Tribe petitioning Fish and Game. I find this so ironic because my neighbor last week was invited down to Hoopa to catch Salmon and bring them back to Scott Valley to sell. So much for them not having a enough fish to feed their families and for ceremonies.  What a joke! 
All you see from the Karuk is junk cars in their yards, bunch of drunk Indians along with their illegal pot activity. Along with their poaching of deer and anything else they can destroy. They are a disgrace to their tribe and I have an answer for them. Nobody and I mean nobody should go to any of their gaming facilities or anything to do with them. They lie they cheat and they steal whatever they can.
Craig Tucker has to got to be a complete idiot! Mercury does not come back out of the sluice box it is as heavy as gold if not heavier. I have personally caught over a pound of mercury in my box along with gold. Oh, I shouldn't leave out all the fishing lead weights.
I have e-mailed the Governor's office and Herger's office asking that these government officials step-up to the plate and put a stop to the Karuk's crap. All you have to do is take a drive through Hoopa and you see what the Karuk is all about.
What this state doesn't need is more revenue loss.
 I make a living suction dredging. It's amazing the amount of fish at the end of my suction dredge that are feasting on the organic matter. This also breaks the embedded gravel up to allow the Salmon to spawn. Maybe someone should ask the Fish and Game if this isn't how they clean streams. I know it is. This right here shows you how stupid Tucker is.
I wonder if it is better to leave the mercury in the river or remove it. I have also notified GPAA and LDMA members to contact Herger's and the Governor's offices also to finally put a stop to the Karuk lies.
I will inform Mr. Tucker right now that I will personally sue him for my livelihood.

Jerry West
Scott Valley
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