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Native Springs all natural energized spring water

"an effort to save the Klamath River salmon."

(KBC NOTE: our new brothers the Yurok Tribe is now selling water to make money to advertise removing Klamath River Dams while blaming Klamath Basin "agribusiness" for killing fish.) "As the original stewards of the land and water we understand how important water is to the cycle of life." For more on "the original stewards" > Klamath cleanup

Yurok Tribe 3/9/08

Native Springs is 100% Native American owned and operated. Our water is blessed by Native Yurok Elders to bring spiritual, mental, and emotional healing to all who drink our water. As the original stewards of the land and water we understand how important water is to the cycle of life. For thousands of years the Klamath River and its contributaries have been the lifeline of the Yurok People. We know that everyone who drinks Native Springs will come to value and appreciate the water just as we do

The goal of Native Springs is to serve as a media; a constant tool to put our message into the hands of every person who purchases a bottle of water or product made by a Yurok Indian. More importantly we also serve as a conduit to those who wish to contribute to the effort to save the Klamath River. We promote and share with others the Yurok appreciation and respect for the river and all things natural. Please contact our office directly to purchase water or to speak with a representative to find out what you can do to support the effort to remove the dams.

A century ago, the Klamath River was the third largest producer of salmon and steelhead on the West Coast. Now this natural salmon nursery has become a grave.

Today the Klamath River salmon are on the brink of extinction; the victims of a century of mismanagement and abuse. Agribusiness development diverts an enormous amount of water from the river each year and a series of aging dams cuts the Klamath in half, blocking salmon from over 300 miles of historic habitat.

The license to operate these dams, owned by PacifiCorp, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway’s Mid-American Energy Holdings, expired in 2006. The corporation is now in the process of seeking a new license for these dams. The Yurok Tribe, together with tribal members, a coalition of scientists, commercial fishermen, local business owners, other Native American Tribes and conservation groups, is seeking the removal of the lower four dams from the Klamath River. Removing these dams is the cheapest, safest, and most effective option for recovering Klamath River salmon and protecting the communities that depend on them.

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